Thursday, January 22, 2015

3rd P-day !!!!!! 1/22/15

If anyone has a moment to read an article I read today in LDS Living entitled "A New Normal: Finding Hope after Most of My Family Died"  please READ.  I thought about sending it to Schyler, although the part about this sister losing her family while serving a mission might be disturbing to Schyler (and lets face it - its disturbing to all of us) -  she,  Sister Parrish managed to see the bigger picture which so often most of us miss completely.  This is the part I felt was so important for Schyler to read and understand and really  something we all need to be reminded of.  I sat and balled when I read this, but the miracle is that this gal gets it.  I wish to be more like that and really "get it" when things get hard.  This is not an easy task by any means.  Please read - let us know what you think.

We heard from Schyler today (briefly), but WOW ! that is such a great sign that she is delving into the work and THE PREPARATION !!!!  A moment of sadness to not have her there via email a bit longer, but really it was just a moment.  I am so happy for her.  The language is slowly slowly coming for her but her spirits are up and she is determined.   Attached are a few additional pictures from this week...
Temple Trips with Companions - Harris and Wunderli

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