Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tues October 27,2015 BEST WEEK EVER!!!!

Wow what a week!!! WE HAD A BAPTISM!! Yep, it really happened!  Well let me lay out this great last week and all the exciting things that happened!

TIISTAI-- Sister Allen and I had to teach at a Young Single Adult's activity.  There were two girls who weren't members of the church there, and they seemed to have really liked our lesson and were touched by it.  Then we made American chocolate chip cookies with all of them.  The first batch... well didn't turn out so well.  We forgot to check it soon enough, and so they were a little more on the dark brown side..  But the next one turned out really well, and everyone LOVED them! Then after the Young Single Adult activity, we decided to drop off a treat at our Family's house.  We had made this apple crisp type thing with cornflakes, apples, brown sugar, and butter, but it didn't exactly turn out the way we expected.  It was... well... a little squishy, but we decided to take it anyways.  They didn't know we were coming, so we wrote a little note and taped it to the Tupperware bowl and then decided for the fun of it, we would leave it, ring the doorbell, run and hide, and watch.  I don't actually know if that is legal in Finland, but after some pondering and discussion, we decided that because we knew them, and they knew us, and we weren't doing any harm, that it was probably alright.  It was fun to watch them, and we got a text the next day, thanking us for the treats and that they were yummy.  SUCCESS!

KESKIVIIKKO-- We had Zone Conference in Tampere which is about an hour and half train ride past lakes and trees and all things beautiful!  Oh do I love train rides!  Most of our Zone Conference was all about the Sabbath and how we as missionaries can make it a "delight".  It was one of the best Zone meetings that I have had so far on my mission.  I loved how much we talked about the Sabbath being the Lord's day and that ultimately that means we should give back everything to Him.  It means giving up the things we want to do most, for what he would want us to do-- serving and lifting others.  It was really great.

TORSTAI-- We did a lot of preparations for the baptism.  Then we did some good 'ole tracting for a while.  While we were tracting, we passed a door where a Jamaican looking man and his friend were just sitting.  We said Moi to them, but didn't stop to talk to them.  We got about 20 steps from the door and I turn to Sister Allen and say, we should go back and talk to them.  She says, "Yeah I agree I was thinking the same thing."  So as dumb as we felt going back after we'd just passed them and said hi, we decided to go back.  Well come to find out, the one Jamaican looking guy had actually talked with a lot of missionaries before and even had a Book of Mormon in his mother language.  He definitely had some crazy ideas about the Mormon church and it was a hard discussion to get through.  I think the hardest thing was that it was in English... now I know that probably sounds crazy, but here is the secret.  Sometimes (well most of the time) I can't exactly understand everything that the Finns say to me, so if I don't, I just start telling them about something else.  I don't have to be frustrated by their comments or their opinions of the church because I don't exactly understand all of it.  But when it was in English, I understood everything and I could also say everything I wanted.  It really made me think about how things would be different and also hard if I was in an English speaking mission.  Definitely positives to both! So then we went and taught our other investigator.  We are just trying to read the Book of Mormon with her and help her to gain a testimony of it for herself first, before we keep teaching everything else.  I think it went pretty well! Then we went to the church to practice our musical number for the baptism on Saturday.  Let me just say... I did not think I would be singing so much in front of people in my life.  It just isn't exactly my favorite thing.  Well I am definitely learning to love singing almost alone in front of people now.  This is about the 4th or 5th time now I've had the privilege to do this!  Yay for new talents! Then our family came to the church and we worked on Baptism papers for a little while, until they had their interview.  Everything went well and they passed!! :)

PERJANTAI-- We did some more great tracting and then had weekly planning.  It wasn't quite as exciting as past weeks have been because now they are baptized.  It's sort of like starting back over at step one.  It's a good change though!  I am really excited to start teaching them all the lessons again though! After weekly planning and dinner, we went to our family's house, for our last lesson with them as investigators.  One of the ward members came with us.  He is their new home teacher.  The lesson was all about callings in the church and missionary work.  It was a super lesson and the husband talked about how he had shared a little bit with one of his friends about their investigation process of the church.  Then we gave them two Books of Mormon and committed them to giving them to either a friend or family member and telling them about it and why it was important to them.  I am really excited to see who they give it to and what happens.

LAUANTAI--- THE BIG DAY!!!!  We went to the church early and got everything ready.  The font was a little dirty so we spend about 20 minutes fishing weird things out of the water.  That was random.  Then everyone came and the baptism happened.  While they were being baptized, their older son, almost threw the pooh bear in the baptismal font... that was rather exciting.  There were so many members that came and they gave them lots of gifts and were so supportive.  We really couldn't have made all of this happen and go so well without all of the members help!  I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS WARD!
So then that evening, we dropped by the Luomala's and talked with them about the day and how it had gone.  We gave them these two journals with their names on them and had them write about the day and how they had felt and thought.  Then on Sunday, after church, we had them do the same thing, but about their confirmations.  Hopefully this way they can always have a place to go back to and refer to if they ever need a good reminder of the way they felt that day.  I didn't get to read the books, but I know that they were excited to write in them.  Then we all took silly pictures with their family and gave them our little present which was a big picture of Christ and bore our testimonies and told them how much we loved them.  It was a special evening for sure! A special day in all!

SUNNUNTAI-- Their confirmations in church went SUPER well, and I really just felt the spirit so strongly their.  It was definitely a warm fuzzy moment... one where I tried not to cry in front of everyone.  I was just so proud of them and so happy to see them so happy!  We had a really great experience in Sunday school with the husband and I really wanted to share it too.  So in Sunday school, it was just Sister Allen and I, an older lady in our ward who is our teacher, and the husband. We were talking all about praying to our Heavenly Father. Closer to the end of the lesson, the teacher asked Him if he had had any special experiences with prayer before he had met the missionaries, or even after. He began to explain a story that he has never shared with us before. He said that when he was in his 20's (now 38), he realized that life really was going to be a long time. How boring it would be to have practically the same routine day-in-and-day-out. He then began to realize there had to be something missing in his life; there had to be something more. So really that's when he started his search. He attended many churches with his family, talked with multiple priests from various churches, and researched a lot. A few weeks before we came, the Jehovah Witnesses had come to his house. He said he just didn't feel like it was what he had been searching for. So finally about three days before we showed up, he decided to pray and ask Heavenly Father to help him to know what was missing and how he could find or get that. And then... that's when we came. And the rest you know! You can guess that I was crying.  The best part of all of this... it was in Finnish.  I can't say I've had a super lot of those experiences feeling the spirit when the language is in Finnish, only because I don't always understand a lot.  But I understood pretty well his story, and I know that it was a special tender mercy from Heavenly Father, that I could understand it so well, because I know he knew that I needed to hear that.
So then in the evening we went tracting for a while and then went to our favorite old lady's house to visit and have yummy snacks.  She is just a hoot and I love her to death!
It was such a special sunday.  A delight for sure!

MAANANTAI-- Well I finally got to go visiting teaching for the first time... that was exciting.  One of the ladies in the ward had a teaching appointment, but her partner couldn't make it, so she called us to go with her.  They talked about ALL kinds of things.  It really made me realize how simple life is on a mission.  Just us sharing a message about Jesus Christ and bringing others unto him.  It's great!  Then we also were able to visit our family!  They are doing awesome and they just are so happy!  At the end of our lesson, we were able to have a family prayer with their kids too.  Usually they have never wanted to be in where we are or have any part in the lessons, but they did and it was so great!  We talked about family home evening and made a little chart for them.  Their home teacher is also coming this week to talk about family home evening.  Hopefully next week we can have a really awesome one with them, that helps inspire and motivate them to having it.  I AM JUST SO EXCITED FOR THEM!!!

Wow what a week!  I am so filled with the Love of God!  He is real! He is there!  He loves each one of us, imperfections and all.  I know He wants each of His children to return and live with Him and I am so grateful that I have this time to dedicate fully my efforts to bringing others closer to Him and His son.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true.  It changes lives, and it's continually changing mine!  I love you all and hope you can feel of God's love for you individually! You are wonderful!  Have a super week!

Sisar Jordan

Us and Them!!! The night after their baptism - attempting scary faces!!!

Friday, October 23, 2015

10/20/15 WOOPS!!!!!!! Big Week for us

SO.... first off!  I have to explain myself from last week.  I sort of forgot to include the most important story of the week!  It's the reason I named last weeks email what I did.  So me and Sister Allen had decided to go to the bathroom at K city market after our lesson one day.  We go to this bathroom a lot, because there aren't really any other public restrooms and we're pretty far from our apartment.  Well because we've gone here so many times, I have always really wondered about this white string that hangs from the ceiling with a little red button next to it, in the stalls.  Well you know... I just must not have been thinking and they say curiosity killed the cat... It just about got us put in jail perhaps.  So as I walked into the stall I say to Sister Allen, "I wonder what this white string is" and just pull it... NOT EVEN THINKING! Well you can imagine what happened next.  This alarm starts going off and the light on the little button turns bright red.  So of course I'm like oh great... so then I say, "Hurry sister allen, go in the other stalls."  So then we both hide in either stall on the side of the one that I pulled the string and we wait... Well I really had to go to the bathroom still and so I just decided to go, all the while thinking great someone is going to come in here and break down the door on me.  Well then I am done and just decide to go out, because it doesn't sound like anyone has come in yet, and hopefully this loud alarm going off isn't such a big deal.  Well as I open the door to walk out, in bursts this security guard guy who is yelling all these things in Finnish and trying to figure out what's going on (what emergency).  So I just decided to act innocent.  I figured if I just played dumb, we might not get in as much trouble, because how in the world would I explain why I pulled that string for no reason... I don't even really know... other than curiosity.  So I understood some of what he was saying and then just said.... "uh we don't speak finnish."  Anyways... long story short... we made it out alive and we are here to tell the tale.  You can bet that me and sister allen had a long long laugh on the bus ride home.  Oh goodness silly me... I won't be pulling anymore white strings from the ceiling the next little while you can bet that!

This week has been so great!  The most exciting news though is OUR FAMILY'S BAPTISM IS ON SATURDAY!! I am so so excited!  I really hope everything can go well and that it will all turn out alright!  Pray pray pray for it all to work out!

I apologize that this week's email is so short.  I really had high intentions of telling you all about a million things that have happened this week, but for some reason, just don't jaksaa to explain it all right now, or maybe there's a reason I feel that I shouldn't.  But kuitenkin, I just wanted to end this by saying how much I love Finland and the people here.  They are so special and I am so grateful to be serving in such a unique place.  I had a moment this week sitting in church behind our family and watching their boys and the one picking out the hymn pages in the hymn book and just how perfect everything was.  How truly blessed I am and how much God loves each one of us.  I am so grateful to be here! I am learning so much about myself, about the world, about others, about God's love, and about this Gospel every single day.  This was the best decision I ever made no matter how hard it has been at times, I am so grateful I made the choice to serve a mission.  God's timing is perfect.  His love is real.  Trust in that, and everything will work out the way it's supposed to in life.  I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Sisar Jordan
End of Fall Here :( !!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Wow what an eventful week!  Let me try and explain to you everything as quickly as I can.  Sorry that this probably isn't as funny and eventful as it would be if I was explaining it in person, but try to have a little imagination while reading it! :) 

TIISTAI-- We were supposed to teach the Elder's investigator (because they were gone in Helsinki for the week) which meant that we had to make a pretty long trek out across this bridge (see pics) to get to her apartment.  Well when we finally got there that night, she ended up not being home and had forgotten about our appointment.  That was slightly frustrating, but we had a lovely beautiful (and COLD) walk home!  

KESKI-- We were able to visit the most wonderful old lady in our ward and play a short game of her most favorite scrabble.  She lost a lot of her memory a while ago, and playing scrabble really helps her.  We were also able to teach one of our other investigators (the one that's about 23).  She is a Finn going to school here in Jyväskylä.  She is doing good, just struggling to understand and follow the word of wisdom. It may be a long process with her, but I have faith she will come to feel the truthfulness of everything.  Then we had another appointment scheduled with the Elder's investigator.  We were supposed to teach about eternal marriage.  It was a rather eventful lesson.  We talked about qualities she would want to look for in a husband and ended up finding out that she really loves the qualities in the Elder's that are teaching her, particularly Elder Saunders.  (I hope he never reads this email).  Anyways, that was pretty funny.  We laughed about it probably the whole lovely beautiful (and COLD) walk home.  

TORSTAI-- We really had such a crazy day that wasn't exactly very planned because we were waiting to hear back about a few different things.  We were really not sure how the day would work out, but honestly it fit together so perfectly, that there was no doubt that the Lord was involved.  We taught the Elder's investigator again, and then were able to catch a bus we didn't know existed back to the church to put out refreshments for an activity that had actually been cancelled (little to our knowledge).  Luckily, our Ward Mission Leader made it to the church just in time to tell us that it was cancelled and then talked our ear off, until we finally said we had to go, thinking we were going to miss the bus that we HAD to take to get to the less actives house to do our weekly service.  Her kids go to bed at a certain time, and we have to be there by 6:30 or else it doesn't work.  Well we took off from the church running down the street to the bus stop-- finns just a staring at us.  (imagine two girls in coats and scarfs and bags just running as fast as they can down the street laughing their heads off).  It was rather funny.  Well we made it to the bus stop with literally seconds to spare and hopped on the bus and went and did service for the rest of the evening.  I know that Heavenly Father made special things happen so our day could work out so perfectly.  

PERJANTAI-- We weekly planned and tracted and then in the evening, we headed to our family's house for our lesson.  We went over the baptismal interview questions and there are just a few things that they know, we just feel like we should review them.  Their baptism is in less than two weeks now and I sure hope all goes well!  I am so excited for them and all the amazing goodness that has come already and will come from learning about and choosing to be apart of this Gospel.  They are amazing.  Well eventful bus ride home--- on the way home, some lady asked us if we were Mormons and then proceeded to tell us that two Mormon girls like us had tricked a friend of hers into going to the bank to take out money to give to them.  She was pretty angry and thinks that all Mormons do that, and that pretty much we are out to trick people and steal their money.  She wouldn't listen to anything we had to say.  It was super super frustrating, and one of those moments I had to hold my tongue.  On her way off the bus, I told her "have a good evening" as cheesy and nice as I could muster, and she just replied, "I hope you remember what I said, and that you put a stop to this."  Woman is crazy.  If we went around... well actually I won't finish that, but I definitely have a lot to say about the whole situation, but probably would be better if I kept it to myself.  Needless to say, anyone who is reading this... NO Mormon Sister Missionaries, do not go around tricking cute old ladies into giving us money-- quite the opposite actually!  Oh how I wish I could explain to all those people who have misinformation about the church what we really are about... they just have NO IDEA what they are missing out on.  

LAUANTAI-- We got to help decorate for a wedding reception dinner.  That was really fun.  I mostly ironed table clothes almost the whole time and burned myself about 3 times.  It was really fun though and it turned out looking great!  We went tracting for about 2 or 3 hours and gave away two Books of Mormon.  That's always exciting!  Then for the evening we ended up washing all the dishes from that same Wedding reception in the Kitchen at the church and got to eat a lot of the leftover food from the dinner.  We got to eat my MOST FAVORITE FOOD here-- Salmon soup!!! MMMMmmmm... that's stuff is delicious!!!!!  I wish you all could try it!  It was fun to do so much service in one day! 

SUNNUNTAI-- Unfortunately, our family has still been pretty sick and so the wife had to stay home with the two boys for church.  The dad still came though even though he was still fairly sick.  We were happy at least about that.  Hopefully this week they can start getting better.  We ate with Bishop and his family at the church after our meetings, and it was really yummy again.  Sundays are always one of my most favorite days.  They're just special.  Even here as a missionary where everyday is about the same!  In the evening, we went to our cute old lady's house again to play Scrabble and Uno.  Well she is the little miss cheat, and when me and her were left in the game, she kept cheating.  We didnt' want her to feel bad, so we didnt' say anything, but Sister Allen and I have a hard time containing our laughter.  So I took a big gulp of water and hadn't quite swallowed it, when there she went again, cheating.  So of course I go to just die laughing and don't want to spit my water on the table on everyone, so I just keep it in, and like choke on the water.  I really thought I was going to choke.  Plus, I just kept laughing the whole time.  It hurt really badly, but it was SUPER funny.  I love that woman and I am so grateful that we have the chance to visit her each week!  

MAANANTAI-- really quickly.... our family cancelled their lesson... we don't know why and we're slightly worried.  We had a lesson with a lady who is now a new investigator.  SOLID first lesson and we are going to keep teaching her.  She is a divorced mother of three kids.  I feel really good about it and I am excited to see where it goes!  We also tracted for about three hours.  

This week was pretty great!  I have been reading about the 2000 stripling warriors and I am so inspired by them.  I just wanted to share with you a little change I put in one part of their story that I felt I could make apply better to me and to all of us:

"Therefore, what say ye, Sister Jordan, will ye go against Satan to battle?  Behold, your God is with you, and He will not suffer that you should fail; then go forth, lest Satan should overpower the army of God.  Now you've never been a missionary (spoken Finnish), yet you shall not fear failure; and you will think more upon the Salvation of Souls than you will upon yourself; yea you have been taught by your mother, that if you do not doubt, God will give you success.  And you shall rehearse unto yourself the words of your mother, saying: I will not doubt my Mother knows it" (Alma 56)

I am forever grateful everyday for all that my Mother has taught me-- For her faith and diligence and her example.  I love you Mom and I will do my best to be like the 2000 stripling warriors and NOT DOUBT.  I love you all! Have a wonderful week! 

Sisar Jordan
Jyvaskyla ! 

One time trip to Kuokkala.  Thank you Elder's for letting us teach your investigator.  

Me and Sister Allen... I'm gonna cry if we ever get splilt! 

Me and the evil alarm string!!!!  (I had to climb on the toilet to take this picture btw) 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October 6, 2015 Shortest Email Ever !!!

So first off, sorry this is the shortest email ever.  I should have written this first, because now I've ran out of time to write it all-- haha my mistake.  So as fast as I can I just wanted to update everyone.  Our family is doing great!  Hopefully here in about 3 weeks we will be having a baptism.  We taught tithing and fast offerings this last week and of course they accepted it all.  They got really sick this last week with "whopping snot disease" (in finnish) and weren't able to make it to conference and had to cancel their first lesson ever yesterday.  Hopefully we can meet on friday and they will be feeling better.  We delivered them cookies yesterday anyways, and they were pretty surprised to see us and even more weirded out by the fact that we had brought cookies... I guess that's not really a huge thing here in Finland.  But oh well!

Conference was amazing! I loved it so much and we are so blessed to have a living day Prophet who loves us so much and apostles who are called of God.  I know that we are blessed when we listen to and follow their guidance and counsel.  What a blessing!  My favorite talk was from the Women's conference by President Uchtdorf called "A Summer with Great Aunt Rose."  If you haven't had a chance to listen to it (boys included) you should!  This is one of my favorite parts of the talk:

"But," Eva said, "you can't just flip a switch and go from sad to happy."

"No, perhaps not," Aunt Rose smiled gently, "but God didn't design us to be sad.  He created us to have joy!  So if we trust Him, He will help us to notice the good, bright, hopefuly things of life.  And sure enough, the world will become brighter.  No, it doesn't happen instantly, but honestly, how many good things do?  Seems to me that the best things, like homemade bread or orange marmalade, take patience and work." (President Uchtdorf)

I just want to end on that note! I love this Gospel! I love our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  I know they designed us to be happy and that we can be through the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ.  I love you all! Have a great week!


Tempatures a droppin!

I love my companion !!!!!

Fall in Finland!

Sisar Jordan

September 29, 2015 Rest to your Soul

Well this week will have to be explained rather fast, but so much honestly has happened.  So here is the fast rundown:

WED-- I was really just having a gloomy day, and not really feeling like I really wanted to go tracting. It was cold outside and the wind was blowing a little bit.  The sky was even dark and gloomy.  BUT, I decided to go and what do you know.  Heavenly Father just fixes my attitude right up!  I love Him!  We ended up talking to this older lady and giving her a Book of Mormon that she says she is going to read and we can come by in a few weeks.  We talked about all kinds of things.  She made my whole day and I was SUPER happy after that.  I was definitely reminded by Heavenly Father that when we stop thinking about ourselves and think about His work and those that need this Gospel, we will find "rest to our souls" and joy and happiness.  We also had another lesson with one of our other investigators.  She is really great and super good about coming to church.  She's been struggling with understanding the Word of Wisdom lately, and so we've really been trying to help her.  Well we had another lesson about it, and talked about faith.  At the end, we asked what we could do to try and help her-- and her response was, "probably stop talking about it.  i'm getting a little annoyed."  So we decided that she is going to work on trying to stop drinking coffee and we're going to continue teaching the other lessons and come back to it in a little while.  A little frustrating, but hopefully Heavenly Father can help her to have some spiritual experiences outside of our lessons too.

THURS-- LOTS OF TRACTING. :)  We talked to a lady for a while even though she wasn't willing to take a Book of Mormon or learn about our church and she just kept complimenting us on our Finnish and couldn't believe how fast we had learned.  It definitely made me feel good inside!  I know ultimately, we really aren't that good, but compared to the foreigners that try to learn, anything is probably better I think.  I think it's pretty hard for them.  We just have the extra help of our Heavenly Father.  It's all Him!! On the way home that this night from doing service, we were riding on the bus, and this drunk man was sitting up in the front talking the bus driver's ear off.  Then he goes to get off at the next stop and stands up and WOAH... can you just say... bright moon!!! yep, pretty much his pants were down to his knees almost and he was in no hurry to pull them up!! Oh the drunk people here....

FRID-- We had a SUPER lesson with our family about reading scriptures and prayer.  They've already started reading the Eternal Marriage book they got as a gift from the ward together.  They also have downloaded the Gospel Library App on their other ipads and phone as well.  They even said their older son has been reading the Bible stories on there.  This is seriously unreal!  We haven't asked them to do any of that!  They said that they are going to try praying together every night and possibly try reading the Book of Mormon together too and not just on their own.

SAT-- Lots of tracting again.  Then in the evening we had to doorbell ditch the Relief Society's house, because we were going to miss the bus if we didn't just leave the present, ring the bell and run.  It was pretty funny!  She was super grateful for the gift we gave her!  She helped us a lot with our family's wedding and getting gifts and food and we just really wanted to thank her!  I love that woman!

SUN-- The one investigator that is really good about coming to church, slept in and couldn't make it.  That was a bummer.  But our family came again!  Their boys were a little better this time and not quite so rowdy!  It's pretty much like they already know where to go now!  AMAZING!  Such a blessing really!  The ward is really great with them and I couldn't be happier! Correlation meeting is always a little frustrating for me and I feel like I realize how much Finnish I don't know because the Elder's speak so well.  That's frustrating, but it's alright.  It's God's timing and my hard work!  :)  Then we visited our cute little old lady in the ward after we went tracting.  She has had memory problems, so she doesn't exactly remember specifically that we've come like every sunday for the last 13 weeks, but she knows that we are coming.  She prayed for President Benson in the closing prayer before we left.  Oh that lady is our favorite-- even if she is slightly confused about who the current Prophet of the church is!

MON-- Went tracting again.  I had a similar experience as I did on Wednesday.  We had been tracting for a while, and really had done a lot this week, with no results.  It was one of those moments that I just thought, "Let's call it quits early and starting walking to our next lesson, but we decided to finish the building out."  The very last door we got to crazy enough, the lady listened and was super interested and took the Book of Mormon.  She didn't have time right then to talk more, but we have a lesson scheduled for Monday.  Just like that... Heavenly Father is always showing me!  I know that when we do just a little more than what we think is possible, and the moments we want to quit, we should just do a little more, and we will see the blessings.  When we are tired and want to quit, we should think about those who need this Gospel and who we can help and we will find, "rest to our souls", the energy we need to move on and do more.  Then we had another lesson with our family.  I was really nervous for this one because it was about the Word of Wisdom, and like I said last week, we had seen this huge coffee machine in their kitchen.  Well we taught it and even asked them to explain back to us what we should avoid.  They did say coffee and then after a few seconds after asking them to commit, they said that they would live according to it.  So the whole coffee thing necessarily didn't get brought up which worries, me but they said they would live according to it.  So either, they are going to miraculously quit drinking coffee just like that, or something is going on here.  I hope it's the first!  Anyways, it was crazy!

This week was really great and I learned so much about turning outward and finding "rest to my soul" when I feel the most tired, worn down, and want to quit.  Crazy enough I also read a scripture about it in the Book of Mormon when I was studying in Personal Study.  It says, "Teach them to never be weary of good works, but to be meek and lowly in heart; for such shall find rest to their souls (Alma 37:34)".  I truly have a testimony that we are strengthened when we turn outward and serve others!  I am so grateful for the lessons I learn daily! Missions are awesome! I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week!

Sisar Jordan  

Fall :)  Tracting area......getting colder now.  35 degrees !

I love the lakes.....can you tell?!

September 22nd, 2015 Have I Done Any Good?

Wow what a week!  So so much has happened!  My birthday was this last week!  Can you believe I'm 20 years old?  20??  Eck.. it sounds so old!  Kuitenkin-- it was one of my best birthdays of my life thus far!  Guess who I got to spend most of the day doing missionary work with??  Sister Seegmiller-- My trainer!!!!  She got called to be a Sister Training Leader this last transfer over the Tampere Zone and then they called not long after that to tell us that they were coming for splits on the 17th (MY BDAY)!!!  It was one of the best days!  It was so great to see how much we have both changed and grown in the time that we've been apart.  Who would have guess that I would be spending the day in the life of a missionary with my trainer again.  She goes home in January and I honestly wasn't sure if I would see her again before she went home.  Sister Seegmiller was and is such an example to me of sharing the gospel with everyone! Literally everyone.  She speaks Finnish like no other and definitely taught me much of what I know.  But anyways here are the exciting things that happened on my birthday besides that:
-Gave away 5 Book of Mormons in one day
-tracted (ALL DAY-- it was what I wanted to do)
-ate yummy oreos for lunch
-ate cinnamon rolls that the elders gave me for my birthday after planning with my favorite ice cream ROCKY ROAD that Sister Allen surprised me with.
-Opened a present from Sister Seegmiller
-Got my favorite Punnitse ja Säästä dried fried from Sister Allen with a long note that I read in my closet and made me cry for a while (I LOVE HER TO DEATH)
-woke up at 4am the next morning to tell the Sister Training leaders goodbye (They had to catch a super early train-- yes I guess you could say I really love Sister Seegmiller)


My 20th birthday spent with my trainer Sis Seegmiller.   What an awesome day I had.  

So about the rest of the week--

TUES-- We taught our family again.  It just gets better and better.  They shared a story about prayer and how they had received an answer to their prayer that week.  We didn't even ask them to share it, but they really wanted to.  They even got out google translate on their ipad for a part of it, because we weren't understanding everything.   They really wanted us to know.  It meant a lot!

SAT-- Another lesson with our family.  They haven't all come to church yet as a family and so we were teaching about Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy.  We were really hoping it would go well and they would really understand why it was important and that they should come to church.  Wa-la!!!!  They totally understood why it was important and they said that they would come the next day to church.

LITTLE BACKGROUND INFO-- They have a son who is about 10 years old and he has Autism.  It's really hard for him to focus or be quiet and not have something to do, so this is why they were really worried about coming to church I think.  They also have a 3 year old who is rather noisy too.  He likes to mimic people laughing and sometimes make really loud noises.  I can understand their concern in not wanting to make a ruckus their first time at church.


SUN--  THEY CAME TO CHURCH!! It was like almost time for the meeting to start and they had even texted us that morning to say that they were coming, and we were really starting to get nervous, but then they made it!  Sacrament meeting was rough and I was a little worried, but after Sacrament meeting, the members seriously were amazing! They just came up and started talking with them and then the Primary President just took the wife and the kids and headed to Primary.  We didn't even have to say or do anything.  THANK YOU!  Then the husband came with us to the investigator PyhäKoulu class.  It was a really great lesson about agency.  Then he went to Priesthood and then they finally all left afterwards together.  I was definitely a little worried when they left that it had been a bit too wild for them and a lot of work to be there, but when the next lesson rolled around, it was amazing what had happened.

MON-- I received two packages.  One from my family and one from my Uncle Ryan.  Can i just say-- I am the luckiest missionary in the world, and super spoiled rotten!  Thank you SO SO MUCH!!!!!!!  So then we had another lesson with our family!  They actually really liked church and I guess the 10 year old son, said that he wants to go again!  Would you look at that?  What a blessing!!  Then the husband showed us the book that they gave him from Priesthood-- the one by Ezra Taft Benson.  He shared what he had learned and what they had talked about in Priesthood and how it was really interesting.  He was so excited to tell us about it.  Craziness!  They are just so awesome!  They said they are coming next week.  What a relief and a blessing and oh just how happy I am!  The lesson went super well and they talked even more about times in their lives that they could remember they received an answer to a prayer.  Since we showed them how they can also get the gospel library (scriptures) on their phone, they have downloaded it on their ipad and the other phone as well, and looked at other things on there.  Even the oldest son they said was reading the bible stories for kids with the pictures and he really liked that.  I just honestly cannot believe the change in this family and how ready they are to do what is right and follow Christ.  I walk away from their house every time, just thinking, what in the world just happened?  Was that real?  It's amazing! I'm just so blessed to be apart of all of this!

TÄNÄÄN-- THEY GOT MARRIED!!!! I started to think... is this really going to happen?  And sure enough.. today at 1pm at their house, they were married.  Bishop's wife came as well and brought such a cute yummy cake and we had all these other goodies there.  The husband had even gotten a ring for her.  It was so great!  They had 4 friends that had come.  So awesome to be there and to think... wow this is their next step toward baptism.  I am just so excited.

ONE SLIGHT ONGELMA--  While we were at their house in the kitchen getting ice cream ready, we noticed a huge extravagant coffee machine in the corner.  We had planned to teach them about the word of wisdom on Friday, but we think didn't that it would be a problem.  Well... now we have a bit of a problem.  I hope that all will be okay and they can see the significance of showing our faith by keeping the commandments, but you never know how some people might respond.  It has just been so picture perfect up until now, and I hope that it can stay that way!  They are just so ready to be apart of this church and this gospel and I know that it has, can, and will continue to bless their lives.

Well that's about all for this week!  Such an amazing one!   I just wanted to leave with some thoughts from studies this past week!  We were able to sing a song in English with one of the old ladies in our ward on Sunday.  We sang "Have I Done Any Good?"  The words to songs in Finnish I just don't quite understand everything and it really doesn't translate the same way, so it was nice to sing in English for once.  But kuitenkin, I really thought about the words to this song and how it goes along with what I studied in the Book of Mormon.  I was reading in Alma 34 and really thinking about prayer and what a blessing it is-- how we can pray at any time and in any place and God will listen.  But then I came across verse 28, which says, "And now, behold, my beloved brethren, I say unto you, do not suppose that this is all. for after ye have done all these things, if ye turn away the needy, and the naked, and visit not the sick and afflicted, and impart of your substance, if ye have, to those who stand in need-- I say unto you, if ye do not any of these things, behold, your prayer is vain, and availeth you nothing, and ye are as hypocrites who do deny the faith."  Well simply put, we can't expect to pray at all times and in all places and receive help, if we are not willing to help others and do something ourselves.  So my message this week is this, "There are chances for work all around just now, opportunities right in our way.  Do not let them pass by, saying "sometime I'll try", but GO and DO something today!"

I love this gospel with all my heart.  I am blessed each day to be serving a mission.  I am privileged to serve in such a beautiful, peaceful, sacred place!  I love my Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ.  This gospel is my life and my joy!  Go and Do something good today!  I love you all! Have a great week!

Sisar Jordan

Streets of Jyvaskyla

More Lakes !

Happy Birthday to me Happy Birthday to me!!!!
Thank you Mom and Uncle Ryan.....

Sept. 15, 2015 Adversity - Brings Us to Our Happily Ever After

“Once upon a time.”
Aren’t those wonderful words to begin a story? “Once upon a time” promises something:  a  story of adventure and romance, a story of princesses and princes. It may include tales of  ourage, hope, and everlasting love. In many of these stories, nice overcomes mean and good  overcomes evil. But perhaps most of all, I love it when we turn to the last page and our eyes  reach the final lines and we see the enchanting words “And they lived happily ever after.”
For a moment, think back about your favorite fairy tale.In that story the main character may be a princess or a peasant; she might be a mermaid or a milkmaid, a ruler or a servant. You  will find one thing all have in common: they must overcome adversity.
Cinderella has to endure her wicked stepmother and evil stepsisters. She is compelled to  suffer long hours of servitude and ridicule.
In “Beauty and the Beast,” Belle becomes a captive to a frightful looking beast in order to save her father. She sacrifices her home and family, all she holds  dear, to spend several months in the beast’s castle.
In the tale “Rumpelstiltskin,” a poor miller promises the king that his daughter can spin straw  into gold. The king immediately sends for her and locks her in a room with a mound of straw and a spinning wheel. Later in the story she faces the danger of losing her firstborn child  unless she can guess the name of the magical creature who helped her in this impossible task.
In each of these stories, Cinderella, Belle, and the miller’s daughter have to experience  sadness and trial before they can reach their “happily ever after.” Think about it. Has there  ever been a person who did not have to go through his or her own dark valley of temptation,  trial, and sorrow?
Sandwiched between their “once upon a time” and“happily ever after,” they all had to  experience great adversity. Why must all experience sadness and tragedy? Why could we not  simply live in bliss and peace, each day filled with wonder, joy, and love?
The scriptures tell us there must be opposition in all things, for without it we could not  discern the sweet from the bitter.2 Would the marathon runner feel the triumph of finishing the race had she not felt the pain of the hours of pushing against her limits? Would the  pianist feel the joy of mastering an intricate sonata without the painstaking hours of
In stories, as in life, adversity teaches us things we cannot learn otherwise. Adversity helps to  develop a depth of character that comes in no other way. Our loving Heavenly Father has set us in a world filled with challenges and trials so that we, through opposition, can learn wisdom, become stronger, and experience joy" (President Uchtdorf).  
     I really think this is the greatest lesson I have learned thus far on my mission.  "It is our reaction to adversity, not the adversity itself, that determines how our life's story will develop" (President Uchtdorf).  We were placed on earth -- a state of being called mortality.  It's inevitable that trials and challenges will come while here.  They are part of living on the earth and living in mortality.  But ultimately, we choose who we will become because of those trials that we experience in our lives.  I am so grateful for the trial that my family and I have all experienced this past week because it is allowing us all a chance to change-- to become better-- to be more loving, more kind, more caring, more wise, more forgiving.  I am grateful for the miracles we have seen and for the prayers and fasting, tears and hugs, everything that has been done on behalf of my brother and our family.  I come from such a blessed community and have been surrounded by some of the most wonderful people.  We are truly blessed!  
I really just wanted to talk about this this week.  Next week I'll fill you all in on what's been happening across the big ocean, but for now, I hope you all know how much I love each of you!  Rhett I love you!  I am so happy that you are okay!  I love you more than words can express!  I hope you know that!  I know this gospel is true! We just have to put our trust in Heavenly Father and know that "we cannot comprehend all that the Lord doth comprehend."  I am so grateful to be here serving in such a sacred place.  I am so blessed each day and I have seen the hand of the Lord so vividly yet again this week in my life!  Miracles are real!  God is merciful, loving, and all-knowing.  Believe in Him.  Trust in Him.  And know that "these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for they good."  
I love you all!  Make today a great day!  
Sisar Jordan  

Time To Buy Lite Bulbs !!!


Sept. 9, 2015 Kesta Loppuum Asti

I hope everyone has had a chance to really think about and remember Christ each day this week.  I hope you have found something special to help you really think about Him and grow closer to Him each day aside from pondering and reading scriptures and prayer.  I know your relationship with Him will grow as you continue to strive to be more like Him and live as He would.    

SO..... Guess What Everyone??!?!  We set a wedding date with our family for the 22nd of this month.. How crazy is that-- that's two weeks away?  So we had a lesson with them last Thursday.  Our Bishop and his wife came and they were so awesome.  We talked a lot about eternal marriage and the blessings that come from that, and that for them, marriage and then baptism are both steps to being able to be sealed in the temple for eternity.  Then we made all the wedding plans!!  So great!!  The husband said the closing prayer, and in his prayer, he told Heavenly Father thanks for helping them to decided to be married and that he was grateful for the good and benefit that it would be for his family!  It was such a "warm fuzzies" moment for me, and I had to tell myself not to cry! (haha I have to do that a lot here)

We also had a lesson with them last night as well about faith and repentance.  They just are so accepting of everything and we even talked about favorite verses in the scriptures.  The husband is already to 2 Nephi 5.  They really like the Book of Mormon and say that it is really easy for them to understand compared to the bible.  It's just ahh.. So amazing! 

This week I really felt a change in the weather.. for the worst.  It has been pretty cloudy, dark, and rainy most of the week.  On Saturday we went out to go tracting.  We took a bus ride about 30 minutes to get there, and by the time we were there, it was like downpour.  Well we had to get off the bus and so we decided to try and walk up a few streets to find maybe an apartment building, but by the time we even got up one street, our skirts and bags were soaked.  Then when we finally found these apartment buildings, they were all locked.  So we just had to catch a bus to come back to an area closer and tract there.  It was rather fun other than being cold and wet! :)  I think the temperature has been about 50ish.  Every morning for personal study, I have to put on socks, a hoodie, and cocoon myself in a blanket because I'm so cold.  Winter really is coming.  I can tell that it is getting darker sooner now here and the leaves have somewhat started to fall as well.  We'll see how winter goes-- PRAY that I won't freeze.

We not have another really awesome young investigator.  Sister Allen and her previous companions found her while tracting, the transfer before I got here.  They had about 7 lessons with her and then the day I got here, we had one lesson with her before she left for about two months to Helsinki.  She met with the missionaries there twice and also attended church twice there.  We just had a lesson with her on Saturday and she also came to church on Sunday.  The young-single adults in our ward, one in particular have really reached out to her and invited her to some activities.  She is really awesome and we're hoping for a baptismal date soon.  We tried for one on Saturday, but she's just not quite ready to commit.  I think it will come in time though!  She is great!!! 

Well I just wanted to share a little spiritual note for the day.  I was studying Lehi's vision of the Tree of Life lately, and also the chapter that Nephi is able to see what his father saw (Chapters 8 and 11 in 1 Nephi).  I then read from this last general conference, Elder Kevin W. Pearson's talk-- "Stay by the Tree".  I would encourage you to read it.  The part I wanted to talk about and share is about the Book of Mormon.  He talks about the Book of Mormon being the key to Spiritual Survival.  I too testify of that.  Each day that I study the Book of Mormon, I am given strength, peace, guidance, and hope to live more like my Heavenly Father would want me to.  On days that I am having a hard time, I find a lasting peace, and enduring peace that strengthens and renews me.  I know that reading the Book of Mormon is one of the most important ways that we will be able to withstand temptation and overcome the trials in our lives.  I am so grateful for it, and that I have the opportunity to share its' importance in my life with others.  Take time this week to really read and ponder the scriptures-- they are the Word of God-- the Iron Rod which will lead us to the Tree of Life-- to the Love of God and to Eternal Life.  

I love you all and I am so grateful to be serving right now!  I hope you all are safe, happy, and healthy, and that you stay that way in the coming winter months!  Make yourselves a fabulous week!  

Sisar Jordan 

Pajama ramas!!!!

My new dietary plan has started!!!!!!! Salad and water for me.....Yay!!!!!!


September 1, 2015 Wedding Bells !! Ding-Dong!!!!


How in the world is everyone?  I hope you are smiling right this second as you read this.  Think about everything wonderful in your life right now and just take a second and thank your Heavenly Father.  I know that I sure have been blessed this week, and I am smiling right now as I write this to you all!

This week has been blessing and after blessing!  So let me start at the beginning.

TIISTAINA (tuesday)--  We had a lesson with our Family.  We had hoped to review the Restoration, but it didn't go quite as well as we'd hoped.  As we were leaving that night, we asked why there were two last names on the door, to which they responded, because they aren't married.  OH NO!  Well here's the problem... they can't get baptized until they are living the Law of Chastity, and technically, that would mean that they aren't.  But they have been together at least ten years, because their oldest son is ten, the next one is three, and there's another on the way.  So how am I supposed to tell these people that they have to get married??  We had a slight pickle.

TORSTAINA (thursday)-- We had another lesson with our family.  We had a really awesome lesson on the Plan of Salvation, and we still hadn't figured out how to bring up the whole topic of marriage, so we let it be.  They committed to have their whole family come to church on Sunday.  We were so excited.  They really liked the Plan of Salvation, and said they had had a lot of questions in their life already about where they came from and where they're going.  They said that it made sense. (CHA-CHING)

PERJANTIANA (friday)-- We gave away three Books of Mormon and got a referral with an appointment for the other Elders in our District.  Then we also got transfer calls, and guess what??  I am staying here with Sister Allen for another transfer.  I am so excited because I honestly can't imagine leaving right now, in the middle of teaching this family.

LAUANTAINA (saturday)--  Our family texted us late this evening and told us that they wouldn't be able to make it to church because they hadn't made it back from their trip to Savunlinna.  Man were we disappointed, but they did say that they have been reading the Book of Mormon everyday like we asked them too.  YAY!

SUNNUNTAINA (sunday)--  Because it was the 5th sunday of the month, everyone was combined in the chapel, including the young women and young men.  They asked the Missionaries to teach part of the lesson about how the ward can help with missionary work more.  We felt that it went pretty well.  We had the part that talked about how they can look over  or think about the lesson plan that we either call and tell them or give to them, before the lesson.  Also that if it was possible, that they should get a Preach My Gospel and read over a little bit in it, so that they could better understand the methods and tools we been given to teach with.  And last was just to be a friend to our investigators-- whether that be calling or sending them a text to remind them of commitments they are trying to keep, or inviting them to activities, or sitting by them in church, or simply introducing yourself to them.  The other elders talked about things they can do in lessons to help us, and then they also did a simple role play with one of the members of what we would like them to do in lessons.  It was really good I think for the members to hear and to see exactly what can help us.  Sometimes we have struggled with members who like to talk to much, or start talking about way random things that investigators won't understand-- for example patriarchal blessings.  I think the most important thing is just to put yourself in the shoes of the missionaries and most importantly the investigator.  This is all foreign to them and we have to teach simply.  Most of us, have built up testimonies and knowledge of doctrinal things for at least 20 years, since the time we were little.  These people are not on the same level we are by any means and we have to teach them simply and clearly so that they can understand.  Sometimes I like to think of them as eight year olds.  That is the age that is recommended by Prophets for children to be ready and worthy to be baptized and really we are asking the same thing of our investigators-- baptism.  Well think about it... do you think an eight year old would want to know or even really understand a lot specifically about the kingdoms of glory, patriarchal blessings, etc.?  Yes I know some of these things are things that we teach, but remembering that they just need to be taught simply and clearly.  With time, comes more understanding and knowledge.  Anyways, I think it was really great to be able to share with the members and already they do such a great job here of helping us!!
Also on Sunday, we went to go visit a cute little old lady and take her cookies.  While we were there, she was showing us all these pictures of her family.  She is 91 years old!  WOW!!  Well anyways, the funniest thing-- she just kept farting haha!  I just almost couldn't contain my giggles the whole time!  Oh I can't wait to be old!! :)

MAANANTAINA (monday)-- THE BEST DAY EVER!  So we had prepared our lesson and even talked with the member couple that was coming to help us with our investigator family's lesson, about how we should go about everything.  We were pretty nervous for the lesson, but it went amazingly well!  We talked about Faith in Jesus Christ and how it motivates us to action and that it leads us to want to follow God's commandments.  Then that lead into the Law of Chastity.  So then after we had taught everything, we said, "Are you willing to follow the Law of Chastity?"  They said yes, and so then finally after being really worried to ask, I said, "So will you get married?"  It was crazy!  But long story short... we are in the midst of trying to get them married now!  AHH!!!  How crazy is that?  Who knew I would be planning a wedding on my mission?  We have another lesson with them on thursday and we will be talking about all the details and everything they need to do.  I hope I can do this... it will all be in Finnish might I add.  I can't say I know too much vocabulary in the wedding details department, but we'll see!  It's just so great!  SO SO WONDERFUL!

We'll see how this next week goes!!  I'm excited for all that is ahead of us, and I hope it just keeps moving in an uphill direction.  I have prayed so much for them, and I can feel and see my prayers being answered.  Unfortunately, I feel like i'm waiting for ice to crack.  Everything has just been too good almost to be true, but I guess when God prepares those who are ready, he really PREPARES them in every way!!

I really wanted to share something with you that I have pondered quite a bit this last week!  As I was sitting in Sacrament meeting this last sunday, I read through the Sacrament prayers and it really got me thinking-- "What does it mean when it says I do always remember Him?"  Because of course, we should ALWAYS remember the Savior during the Sacrament-- his life, death, Atonement, and all he did for us, but what else I do and when-- to remember the Savior?  I think one of the things that has really helped me thus far on my mission is to look at his picture every night.  I have a small picture of Christ with a scripture on the back that I look at every night when I lay in bed, and then just set it right to the side, so that I wake up and see it again and am reminded of Him.   I like the words of Joseph Fielding Smith.  He says, "To´always remember him,´ does not mean simply to remember that he was crucified.  But to keep in mind constantly the reasons why, and what blessings have come to each of us through his death and resurrection.  We are to remember the great suffering and what it cost him to make the great atonement.  We are to remember that he did it because of his love, not only for those who believe on him, but also for the whole world."  So my question for all of you this week is this:  What do you do each day so that you "do always remember him"  so that you "may always have His spirit to be with you"?

I truly "Stand All Amazed" at all that Christ has done for me.  He is my Savior, my Redeemer, my brother, and my best friend.  I hope you all can find a way to remember Christ each day of your life and to become more like he is.  I am so grateful for this gospel and the chance I have to share it with others.  I love you all so much!  Have a fabulous week!

Sisar Jordan
ME !!!

AHHH!!!!!!!  Gorgeous.....

My favorite graffiti sign !!!  Thank You Criminals !!! :)



Monday, October 5, 2015

Aug 25th 2015 Q&A's

I sent an email to Schyler with a few questions. Thought I would share her answers her since there was no big email for everyone today and I think the answers are important enough to share......so here goes.

1) What things did you do in High School that you are glad you did - things that helped you be more ready for a mission?

Schy's answer:

  * Go to seminary with the attitude that whatever the lesson was on, was something that God wanted me to hear that day and that there was always something to learn.  Even if it was just scripture mastery quizzes.  When I went I went with the intent to be edified and uplifted, seminary became much more personal and spiritual and it helped me to leave that building with a renewed testimony to choose the right and be a better person. 

 * Remember that your parents and leaders are "God's messengers" in a sense.  God has placed these people in your life for a specific reason-- even your parents (I know that sounds funny).  But they are there to help you choose the right and they want what is best for you, even if you sometimes don't realize or think it.  Ask for their advice, learn from them, and let them become your best friends.  Remember they are older and wiser!  

*Don't forget to pray!  For the majority of my time in high school, I would try to remember to pray every night.  Then I remember multiple times when I just knew I needed help or I just felt alone.  Maybe it was even before a basketball game-- Of course I knew that God wouldn't just magically at the end of the game change the score so that we would win, but he would give me the strength to play and the stamina to last the game.  He would give me a clear mind to focus on the plays and guarding the person in front of me.  He would help my body to function properly so that I could play.  I can't say at the time (during high school), that I felt like my prayers were necessarily always answered (or at least I didn't notice), but I know that just that relationship that I developed with my Heavenly Father, helped me to know that I could find peace in just talking to him and knowing that he was listening.  He didn't always take all my problems away or solve them for me, neither did he just magically make me change things that were wrong in my life, but he gave me the peace, comfort, assurance, guidance, and strength to do so myself.  I may not have seen it then, and maybe you can't see the purpose of prayer in your life right now, but just DON'T FORGET TO PRAY! God is listening and your prayers will always in one way or another be answered, maybe not the way you planned or expected, but they will be answered. 

2) Is there anything you wish you would have done different to prepare for a mission?

Schy's answer:YES!!!  -Read my scriptures and pay much more attention when you have family scripture study and also in seminary.  Seriously, you don't have to be a scriptorian on your mission, but it sure helps a lot to be able to share a favorite scripture with someone on the street when you actually have one and to be able to explain "why" it's your favorite and the story behind the scripture.    -Share the Gospel.  I know growing up in small town beaver, you think... "everyone is Mormon", there aren't very many missionary opportunities, but trust me, there are!!!  There were moments I remember being prompted to just talk to someone I didn't even know in high school before because maybe they needed a friend and I knew they weren't mormon, and maybe that would help them to come to know of the gospel.  If you think about it this way... we really are lucky because we live in a town where so many people are Mormon, then you know who is and who isn't!  Go find those who aren't and Share the gospel with them!   You'll be surprised at what happens!!!  
3) Sum up your experiences of the last 8 months?
Schy's answer:ugh... I am running out of time mom.. sorry.  I wish I could say more.  Simply put-- the last eight months have taught me more about God's love and his plan for me in my life.  I have learned of the Savior's infinite Atoning sacrifice for me and all mankind and that for me personally, that means that not only did he suffer for my sins, but also for my weaknesses, trials, pains, and sorrow.  He knows perfectly well what we experience in life.  I love the words to "I Stand All Amazed" and "How Great Thou Art".  They sum up perfectly what I feel about the last eight months at least personally in my life.    This is my favorite quote right now to go along with that:
"Your Heavenly Father loves you-- each of you.  That love NEVER changes.  It is not influenced by your appearance, by your possessions, or by the amount of money you have in your bank account.  It is not changed by your talents and abilities.  It is simply there.  It is there for you when you are sad or happy, discouraged or hopeful.  God's love is there for you whether or not you feel you deserve love.  It is simply ALWAYS there."  -President Monson 

August 25, 2015

When we got stranded without a bus 60 km outside of Jyvaskyla.  Boy! was it every HOT!!!!!
It's US!  
Same Beautiful Lakes!!!!!!!
Me and Sisar Allen at our favorite lake in Palokka!!!!