Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Wow what an eventful week!  Let me try and explain to you everything as quickly as I can.  Sorry that this probably isn't as funny and eventful as it would be if I was explaining it in person, but try to have a little imagination while reading it! :) 

TIISTAI-- We were supposed to teach the Elder's investigator (because they were gone in Helsinki for the week) which meant that we had to make a pretty long trek out across this bridge (see pics) to get to her apartment.  Well when we finally got there that night, she ended up not being home and had forgotten about our appointment.  That was slightly frustrating, but we had a lovely beautiful (and COLD) walk home!  

KESKI-- We were able to visit the most wonderful old lady in our ward and play a short game of her most favorite scrabble.  She lost a lot of her memory a while ago, and playing scrabble really helps her.  We were also able to teach one of our other investigators (the one that's about 23).  She is a Finn going to school here in Jyväskylä.  She is doing good, just struggling to understand and follow the word of wisdom. It may be a long process with her, but I have faith she will come to feel the truthfulness of everything.  Then we had another appointment scheduled with the Elder's investigator.  We were supposed to teach about eternal marriage.  It was a rather eventful lesson.  We talked about qualities she would want to look for in a husband and ended up finding out that she really loves the qualities in the Elder's that are teaching her, particularly Elder Saunders.  (I hope he never reads this email).  Anyways, that was pretty funny.  We laughed about it probably the whole lovely beautiful (and COLD) walk home.  

TORSTAI-- We really had such a crazy day that wasn't exactly very planned because we were waiting to hear back about a few different things.  We were really not sure how the day would work out, but honestly it fit together so perfectly, that there was no doubt that the Lord was involved.  We taught the Elder's investigator again, and then were able to catch a bus we didn't know existed back to the church to put out refreshments for an activity that had actually been cancelled (little to our knowledge).  Luckily, our Ward Mission Leader made it to the church just in time to tell us that it was cancelled and then talked our ear off, until we finally said we had to go, thinking we were going to miss the bus that we HAD to take to get to the less actives house to do our weekly service.  Her kids go to bed at a certain time, and we have to be there by 6:30 or else it doesn't work.  Well we took off from the church running down the street to the bus stop-- finns just a staring at us.  (imagine two girls in coats and scarfs and bags just running as fast as they can down the street laughing their heads off).  It was rather funny.  Well we made it to the bus stop with literally seconds to spare and hopped on the bus and went and did service for the rest of the evening.  I know that Heavenly Father made special things happen so our day could work out so perfectly.  

PERJANTAI-- We weekly planned and tracted and then in the evening, we headed to our family's house for our lesson.  We went over the baptismal interview questions and there are just a few things that they know, we just feel like we should review them.  Their baptism is in less than two weeks now and I sure hope all goes well!  I am so excited for them and all the amazing goodness that has come already and will come from learning about and choosing to be apart of this Gospel.  They are amazing.  Well eventful bus ride home--- on the way home, some lady asked us if we were Mormons and then proceeded to tell us that two Mormon girls like us had tricked a friend of hers into going to the bank to take out money to give to them.  She was pretty angry and thinks that all Mormons do that, and that pretty much we are out to trick people and steal their money.  She wouldn't listen to anything we had to say.  It was super super frustrating, and one of those moments I had to hold my tongue.  On her way off the bus, I told her "have a good evening" as cheesy and nice as I could muster, and she just replied, "I hope you remember what I said, and that you put a stop to this."  Woman is crazy.  If we went around... well actually I won't finish that, but I definitely have a lot to say about the whole situation, but probably would be better if I kept it to myself.  Needless to say, anyone who is reading this... NO Mormon Sister Missionaries, do not go around tricking cute old ladies into giving us money-- quite the opposite actually!  Oh how I wish I could explain to all those people who have misinformation about the church what we really are about... they just have NO IDEA what they are missing out on.  

LAUANTAI-- We got to help decorate for a wedding reception dinner.  That was really fun.  I mostly ironed table clothes almost the whole time and burned myself about 3 times.  It was really fun though and it turned out looking great!  We went tracting for about 2 or 3 hours and gave away two Books of Mormon.  That's always exciting!  Then for the evening we ended up washing all the dishes from that same Wedding reception in the Kitchen at the church and got to eat a lot of the leftover food from the dinner.  We got to eat my MOST FAVORITE FOOD here-- Salmon soup!!! MMMMmmmm... that's stuff is delicious!!!!!  I wish you all could try it!  It was fun to do so much service in one day! 

SUNNUNTAI-- Unfortunately, our family has still been pretty sick and so the wife had to stay home with the two boys for church.  The dad still came though even though he was still fairly sick.  We were happy at least about that.  Hopefully this week they can start getting better.  We ate with Bishop and his family at the church after our meetings, and it was really yummy again.  Sundays are always one of my most favorite days.  They're just special.  Even here as a missionary where everyday is about the same!  In the evening, we went to our cute old lady's house again to play Scrabble and Uno.  Well she is the little miss cheat, and when me and her were left in the game, she kept cheating.  We didnt' want her to feel bad, so we didnt' say anything, but Sister Allen and I have a hard time containing our laughter.  So I took a big gulp of water and hadn't quite swallowed it, when there she went again, cheating.  So of course I go to just die laughing and don't want to spit my water on the table on everyone, so I just keep it in, and like choke on the water.  I really thought I was going to choke.  Plus, I just kept laughing the whole time.  It hurt really badly, but it was SUPER funny.  I love that woman and I am so grateful that we have the chance to visit her each week!  

MAANANTAI-- really quickly.... our family cancelled their lesson... we don't know why and we're slightly worried.  We had a lesson with a lady who is now a new investigator.  SOLID first lesson and we are going to keep teaching her.  She is a divorced mother of three kids.  I feel really good about it and I am excited to see where it goes!  We also tracted for about three hours.  

This week was pretty great!  I have been reading about the 2000 stripling warriors and I am so inspired by them.  I just wanted to share with you a little change I put in one part of their story that I felt I could make apply better to me and to all of us:

"Therefore, what say ye, Sister Jordan, will ye go against Satan to battle?  Behold, your God is with you, and He will not suffer that you should fail; then go forth, lest Satan should overpower the army of God.  Now you've never been a missionary (spoken Finnish), yet you shall not fear failure; and you will think more upon the Salvation of Souls than you will upon yourself; yea you have been taught by your mother, that if you do not doubt, God will give you success.  And you shall rehearse unto yourself the words of your mother, saying: I will not doubt my Mother knows it" (Alma 56)

I am forever grateful everyday for all that my Mother has taught me-- For her faith and diligence and her example.  I love you Mom and I will do my best to be like the 2000 stripling warriors and NOT DOUBT.  I love you all! Have a wonderful week! 

Sisar Jordan
Jyvaskyla ! 

One time trip to Kuokkala.  Thank you Elder's for letting us teach your investigator.  

Me and Sister Allen... I'm gonna cry if we ever get splilt! 

Me and the evil alarm string!!!!  (I had to climb on the toilet to take this picture btw) 

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