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September 1, 2015 Wedding Bells !! Ding-Dong!!!!


How in the world is everyone?  I hope you are smiling right this second as you read this.  Think about everything wonderful in your life right now and just take a second and thank your Heavenly Father.  I know that I sure have been blessed this week, and I am smiling right now as I write this to you all!

This week has been blessing and after blessing!  So let me start at the beginning.

TIISTAINA (tuesday)--  We had a lesson with our Family.  We had hoped to review the Restoration, but it didn't go quite as well as we'd hoped.  As we were leaving that night, we asked why there were two last names on the door, to which they responded, because they aren't married.  OH NO!  Well here's the problem... they can't get baptized until they are living the Law of Chastity, and technically, that would mean that they aren't.  But they have been together at least ten years, because their oldest son is ten, the next one is three, and there's another on the way.  So how am I supposed to tell these people that they have to get married??  We had a slight pickle.

TORSTAINA (thursday)-- We had another lesson with our family.  We had a really awesome lesson on the Plan of Salvation, and we still hadn't figured out how to bring up the whole topic of marriage, so we let it be.  They committed to have their whole family come to church on Sunday.  We were so excited.  They really liked the Plan of Salvation, and said they had had a lot of questions in their life already about where they came from and where they're going.  They said that it made sense. (CHA-CHING)

PERJANTIANA (friday)-- We gave away three Books of Mormon and got a referral with an appointment for the other Elders in our District.  Then we also got transfer calls, and guess what??  I am staying here with Sister Allen for another transfer.  I am so excited because I honestly can't imagine leaving right now, in the middle of teaching this family.

LAUANTAINA (saturday)--  Our family texted us late this evening and told us that they wouldn't be able to make it to church because they hadn't made it back from their trip to Savunlinna.  Man were we disappointed, but they did say that they have been reading the Book of Mormon everyday like we asked them too.  YAY!

SUNNUNTAINA (sunday)--  Because it was the 5th sunday of the month, everyone was combined in the chapel, including the young women and young men.  They asked the Missionaries to teach part of the lesson about how the ward can help with missionary work more.  We felt that it went pretty well.  We had the part that talked about how they can look over  or think about the lesson plan that we either call and tell them or give to them, before the lesson.  Also that if it was possible, that they should get a Preach My Gospel and read over a little bit in it, so that they could better understand the methods and tools we been given to teach with.  And last was just to be a friend to our investigators-- whether that be calling or sending them a text to remind them of commitments they are trying to keep, or inviting them to activities, or sitting by them in church, or simply introducing yourself to them.  The other elders talked about things they can do in lessons to help us, and then they also did a simple role play with one of the members of what we would like them to do in lessons.  It was really good I think for the members to hear and to see exactly what can help us.  Sometimes we have struggled with members who like to talk to much, or start talking about way random things that investigators won't understand-- for example patriarchal blessings.  I think the most important thing is just to put yourself in the shoes of the missionaries and most importantly the investigator.  This is all foreign to them and we have to teach simply.  Most of us, have built up testimonies and knowledge of doctrinal things for at least 20 years, since the time we were little.  These people are not on the same level we are by any means and we have to teach them simply and clearly so that they can understand.  Sometimes I like to think of them as eight year olds.  That is the age that is recommended by Prophets for children to be ready and worthy to be baptized and really we are asking the same thing of our investigators-- baptism.  Well think about it... do you think an eight year old would want to know or even really understand a lot specifically about the kingdoms of glory, patriarchal blessings, etc.?  Yes I know some of these things are things that we teach, but remembering that they just need to be taught simply and clearly.  With time, comes more understanding and knowledge.  Anyways, I think it was really great to be able to share with the members and already they do such a great job here of helping us!!
Also on Sunday, we went to go visit a cute little old lady and take her cookies.  While we were there, she was showing us all these pictures of her family.  She is 91 years old!  WOW!!  Well anyways, the funniest thing-- she just kept farting haha!  I just almost couldn't contain my giggles the whole time!  Oh I can't wait to be old!! :)

MAANANTAINA (monday)-- THE BEST DAY EVER!  So we had prepared our lesson and even talked with the member couple that was coming to help us with our investigator family's lesson, about how we should go about everything.  We were pretty nervous for the lesson, but it went amazingly well!  We talked about Faith in Jesus Christ and how it motivates us to action and that it leads us to want to follow God's commandments.  Then that lead into the Law of Chastity.  So then after we had taught everything, we said, "Are you willing to follow the Law of Chastity?"  They said yes, and so then finally after being really worried to ask, I said, "So will you get married?"  It was crazy!  But long story short... we are in the midst of trying to get them married now!  AHH!!!  How crazy is that?  Who knew I would be planning a wedding on my mission?  We have another lesson with them on thursday and we will be talking about all the details and everything they need to do.  I hope I can do this... it will all be in Finnish might I add.  I can't say I know too much vocabulary in the wedding details department, but we'll see!  It's just so great!  SO SO WONDERFUL!

We'll see how this next week goes!!  I'm excited for all that is ahead of us, and I hope it just keeps moving in an uphill direction.  I have prayed so much for them, and I can feel and see my prayers being answered.  Unfortunately, I feel like i'm waiting for ice to crack.  Everything has just been too good almost to be true, but I guess when God prepares those who are ready, he really PREPARES them in every way!!

I really wanted to share something with you that I have pondered quite a bit this last week!  As I was sitting in Sacrament meeting this last sunday, I read through the Sacrament prayers and it really got me thinking-- "What does it mean when it says I do always remember Him?"  Because of course, we should ALWAYS remember the Savior during the Sacrament-- his life, death, Atonement, and all he did for us, but what else I do and when-- to remember the Savior?  I think one of the things that has really helped me thus far on my mission is to look at his picture every night.  I have a small picture of Christ with a scripture on the back that I look at every night when I lay in bed, and then just set it right to the side, so that I wake up and see it again and am reminded of Him.   I like the words of Joseph Fielding Smith.  He says, "To´always remember him,´ does not mean simply to remember that he was crucified.  But to keep in mind constantly the reasons why, and what blessings have come to each of us through his death and resurrection.  We are to remember the great suffering and what it cost him to make the great atonement.  We are to remember that he did it because of his love, not only for those who believe on him, but also for the whole world."  So my question for all of you this week is this:  What do you do each day so that you "do always remember him"  so that you "may always have His spirit to be with you"?

I truly "Stand All Amazed" at all that Christ has done for me.  He is my Savior, my Redeemer, my brother, and my best friend.  I hope you all can find a way to remember Christ each day of your life and to become more like he is.  I am so grateful for this gospel and the chance I have to share it with others.  I love you all so much!  Have a fabulous week!

Sisar Jordan
ME !!!

AHHH!!!!!!!  Gorgeous.....

My favorite graffiti sign !!!  Thank You Criminals !!! :)



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