Tuesday, October 6, 2015

September 29, 2015 Rest to your Soul

Well this week will have to be explained rather fast, but so much honestly has happened.  So here is the fast rundown:

WED-- I was really just having a gloomy day, and not really feeling like I really wanted to go tracting. It was cold outside and the wind was blowing a little bit.  The sky was even dark and gloomy.  BUT, I decided to go and what do you know.  Heavenly Father just fixes my attitude right up!  I love Him!  We ended up talking to this older lady and giving her a Book of Mormon that she says she is going to read and we can come by in a few weeks.  We talked about all kinds of things.  She made my whole day and I was SUPER happy after that.  I was definitely reminded by Heavenly Father that when we stop thinking about ourselves and think about His work and those that need this Gospel, we will find "rest to our souls" and joy and happiness.  We also had another lesson with one of our other investigators.  She is really great and super good about coming to church.  She's been struggling with understanding the Word of Wisdom lately, and so we've really been trying to help her.  Well we had another lesson about it, and talked about faith.  At the end, we asked what we could do to try and help her-- and her response was, "probably stop talking about it.  i'm getting a little annoyed."  So we decided that she is going to work on trying to stop drinking coffee and we're going to continue teaching the other lessons and come back to it in a little while.  A little frustrating, but hopefully Heavenly Father can help her to have some spiritual experiences outside of our lessons too.

THURS-- LOTS OF TRACTING. :)  We talked to a lady for a while even though she wasn't willing to take a Book of Mormon or learn about our church and she just kept complimenting us on our Finnish and couldn't believe how fast we had learned.  It definitely made me feel good inside!  I know ultimately, we really aren't that good, but compared to the foreigners that try to learn, anything is probably better I think.  I think it's pretty hard for them.  We just have the extra help of our Heavenly Father.  It's all Him!! On the way home that this night from doing service, we were riding on the bus, and this drunk man was sitting up in the front talking the bus driver's ear off.  Then he goes to get off at the next stop and stands up and WOAH... can you just say... bright moon!!! yep, pretty much his pants were down to his knees almost and he was in no hurry to pull them up!! Oh the drunk people here....

FRID-- We had a SUPER lesson with our family about reading scriptures and prayer.  They've already started reading the Eternal Marriage book they got as a gift from the ward together.  They also have downloaded the Gospel Library App on their other ipads and phone as well.  They even said their older son has been reading the Bible stories on there.  This is seriously unreal!  We haven't asked them to do any of that!  They said that they are going to try praying together every night and possibly try reading the Book of Mormon together too and not just on their own.

SAT-- Lots of tracting again.  Then in the evening we had to doorbell ditch the Relief Society's house, because we were going to miss the bus if we didn't just leave the present, ring the bell and run.  It was pretty funny!  She was super grateful for the gift we gave her!  She helped us a lot with our family's wedding and getting gifts and food and we just really wanted to thank her!  I love that woman!

SUN-- The one investigator that is really good about coming to church, slept in and couldn't make it.  That was a bummer.  But our family came again!  Their boys were a little better this time and not quite so rowdy!  It's pretty much like they already know where to go now!  AMAZING!  Such a blessing really!  The ward is really great with them and I couldn't be happier! Correlation meeting is always a little frustrating for me and I feel like I realize how much Finnish I don't know because the Elder's speak so well.  That's frustrating, but it's alright.  It's God's timing and my hard work!  :)  Then we visited our cute little old lady in the ward after we went tracting.  She has had memory problems, so she doesn't exactly remember specifically that we've come like every sunday for the last 13 weeks, but she knows that we are coming.  She prayed for President Benson in the closing prayer before we left.  Oh that lady is our favorite-- even if she is slightly confused about who the current Prophet of the church is!

MON-- Went tracting again.  I had a similar experience as I did on Wednesday.  We had been tracting for a while, and really had done a lot this week, with no results.  It was one of those moments that I just thought, "Let's call it quits early and starting walking to our next lesson, but we decided to finish the building out."  The very last door we got to crazy enough, the lady listened and was super interested and took the Book of Mormon.  She didn't have time right then to talk more, but we have a lesson scheduled for Monday.  Just like that... Heavenly Father is always showing me!  I know that when we do just a little more than what we think is possible, and the moments we want to quit, we should just do a little more, and we will see the blessings.  When we are tired and want to quit, we should think about those who need this Gospel and who we can help and we will find, "rest to our souls", the energy we need to move on and do more.  Then we had another lesson with our family.  I was really nervous for this one because it was about the Word of Wisdom, and like I said last week, we had seen this huge coffee machine in their kitchen.  Well we taught it and even asked them to explain back to us what we should avoid.  They did say coffee and then after a few seconds after asking them to commit, they said that they would live according to it.  So the whole coffee thing necessarily didn't get brought up which worries, me but they said they would live according to it.  So either, they are going to miraculously quit drinking coffee just like that, or something is going on here.  I hope it's the first!  Anyways, it was crazy!

This week was really great and I learned so much about turning outward and finding "rest to my soul" when I feel the most tired, worn down, and want to quit.  Crazy enough I also read a scripture about it in the Book of Mormon when I was studying in Personal Study.  It says, "Teach them to never be weary of good works, but to be meek and lowly in heart; for such shall find rest to their souls (Alma 37:34)".  I truly have a testimony that we are strengthened when we turn outward and serve others!  I am so grateful for the lessons I learn daily! Missions are awesome! I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week!

Sisar Jordan  

Fall :)  Tracting area......getting colder now.  35 degrees !

I love the lakes.....can you tell?!

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