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September 22nd, 2015 Have I Done Any Good?

Wow what a week!  So so much has happened!  My birthday was this last week!  Can you believe I'm 20 years old?  20??  Eck.. it sounds so old!  Kuitenkin-- it was one of my best birthdays of my life thus far!  Guess who I got to spend most of the day doing missionary work with??  Sister Seegmiller-- My trainer!!!!  She got called to be a Sister Training Leader this last transfer over the Tampere Zone and then they called not long after that to tell us that they were coming for splits on the 17th (MY BDAY)!!!  It was one of the best days!  It was so great to see how much we have both changed and grown in the time that we've been apart.  Who would have guess that I would be spending the day in the life of a missionary with my trainer again.  She goes home in January and I honestly wasn't sure if I would see her again before she went home.  Sister Seegmiller was and is such an example to me of sharing the gospel with everyone! Literally everyone.  She speaks Finnish like no other and definitely taught me much of what I know.  But anyways here are the exciting things that happened on my birthday besides that:
-Gave away 5 Book of Mormons in one day
-tracted (ALL DAY-- it was what I wanted to do)
-ate yummy oreos for lunch
-ate cinnamon rolls that the elders gave me for my birthday after planning with my favorite ice cream ROCKY ROAD that Sister Allen surprised me with.
-Opened a present from Sister Seegmiller
-Got my favorite Punnitse ja Säästä dried fried from Sister Allen with a long note that I read in my closet and made me cry for a while (I LOVE HER TO DEATH)
-woke up at 4am the next morning to tell the Sister Training leaders goodbye (They had to catch a super early train-- yes I guess you could say I really love Sister Seegmiller)


My 20th birthday spent with my trainer Sis Seegmiller.   What an awesome day I had.  

So about the rest of the week--

TUES-- We taught our family again.  It just gets better and better.  They shared a story about prayer and how they had received an answer to their prayer that week.  We didn't even ask them to share it, but they really wanted to.  They even got out google translate on their ipad for a part of it, because we weren't understanding everything.   They really wanted us to know.  It meant a lot!

SAT-- Another lesson with our family.  They haven't all come to church yet as a family and so we were teaching about Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy.  We were really hoping it would go well and they would really understand why it was important and that they should come to church.  Wa-la!!!!  They totally understood why it was important and they said that they would come the next day to church.

LITTLE BACKGROUND INFO-- They have a son who is about 10 years old and he has Autism.  It's really hard for him to focus or be quiet and not have something to do, so this is why they were really worried about coming to church I think.  They also have a 3 year old who is rather noisy too.  He likes to mimic people laughing and sometimes make really loud noises.  I can understand their concern in not wanting to make a ruckus their first time at church.


SUN--  THEY CAME TO CHURCH!! It was like almost time for the meeting to start and they had even texted us that morning to say that they were coming, and we were really starting to get nervous, but then they made it!  Sacrament meeting was rough and I was a little worried, but after Sacrament meeting, the members seriously were amazing! They just came up and started talking with them and then the Primary President just took the wife and the kids and headed to Primary.  We didn't even have to say or do anything.  THANK YOU!  Then the husband came with us to the investigator PyhäKoulu class.  It was a really great lesson about agency.  Then he went to Priesthood and then they finally all left afterwards together.  I was definitely a little worried when they left that it had been a bit too wild for them and a lot of work to be there, but when the next lesson rolled around, it was amazing what had happened.

MON-- I received two packages.  One from my family and one from my Uncle Ryan.  Can i just say-- I am the luckiest missionary in the world, and super spoiled rotten!  Thank you SO SO MUCH!!!!!!!  So then we had another lesson with our family!  They actually really liked church and I guess the 10 year old son, said that he wants to go again!  Would you look at that?  What a blessing!!  Then the husband showed us the book that they gave him from Priesthood-- the one by Ezra Taft Benson.  He shared what he had learned and what they had talked about in Priesthood and how it was really interesting.  He was so excited to tell us about it.  Craziness!  They are just so awesome!  They said they are coming next week.  What a relief and a blessing and oh just how happy I am!  The lesson went super well and they talked even more about times in their lives that they could remember they received an answer to a prayer.  Since we showed them how they can also get the gospel library (scriptures) on their phone, they have downloaded it on their ipad and the other phone as well, and looked at other things on there.  Even the oldest son they said was reading the bible stories for kids with the pictures and he really liked that.  I just honestly cannot believe the change in this family and how ready they are to do what is right and follow Christ.  I walk away from their house every time, just thinking, what in the world just happened?  Was that real?  It's amazing! I'm just so blessed to be apart of all of this!

TÄNÄÄN-- THEY GOT MARRIED!!!! I started to think... is this really going to happen?  And sure enough.. today at 1pm at their house, they were married.  Bishop's wife came as well and brought such a cute yummy cake and we had all these other goodies there.  The husband had even gotten a ring for her.  It was so great!  They had 4 friends that had come.  So awesome to be there and to think... wow this is their next step toward baptism.  I am just so excited.

ONE SLIGHT ONGELMA--  While we were at their house in the kitchen getting ice cream ready, we noticed a huge extravagant coffee machine in the corner.  We had planned to teach them about the word of wisdom on Friday, but we think didn't that it would be a problem.  Well... now we have a bit of a problem.  I hope that all will be okay and they can see the significance of showing our faith by keeping the commandments, but you never know how some people might respond.  It has just been so picture perfect up until now, and I hope that it can stay that way!  They are just so ready to be apart of this church and this gospel and I know that it has, can, and will continue to bless their lives.

Well that's about all for this week!  Such an amazing one!   I just wanted to leave with some thoughts from studies this past week!  We were able to sing a song in English with one of the old ladies in our ward on Sunday.  We sang "Have I Done Any Good?"  The words to songs in Finnish I just don't quite understand everything and it really doesn't translate the same way, so it was nice to sing in English for once.  But kuitenkin, I really thought about the words to this song and how it goes along with what I studied in the Book of Mormon.  I was reading in Alma 34 and really thinking about prayer and what a blessing it is-- how we can pray at any time and in any place and God will listen.  But then I came across verse 28, which says, "And now, behold, my beloved brethren, I say unto you, do not suppose that this is all. for after ye have done all these things, if ye turn away the needy, and the naked, and visit not the sick and afflicted, and impart of your substance, if ye have, to those who stand in need-- I say unto you, if ye do not any of these things, behold, your prayer is vain, and availeth you nothing, and ye are as hypocrites who do deny the faith."  Well simply put, we can't expect to pray at all times and in all places and receive help, if we are not willing to help others and do something ourselves.  So my message this week is this, "There are chances for work all around just now, opportunities right in our way.  Do not let them pass by, saying "sometime I'll try", but GO and DO something today!"

I love this gospel with all my heart.  I am blessed each day to be serving a mission.  I am privileged to serve in such a beautiful, peaceful, sacred place!  I love my Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ.  This gospel is my life and my joy!  Go and Do something good today!  I love you all! Have a great week!

Sisar Jordan

Streets of Jyvaskyla

More Lakes !

Happy Birthday to me Happy Birthday to me!!!!
Thank you Mom and Uncle Ryan.....

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