Thursday, January 8, 2015

First Email and Pictures !!

Well, the day arrived and we heard from Sisar Jordan!!! via email.  I will just let you know briefly what she told us and will follow up in a day or so with more information coming from her in a hand written letter.  Suffice it to say it has been the longest, most difficult week of her life.  As most of you  know Schyler is a perfectionist, but more importantly most everything -  if not everything in Schyler's life came to her pretty easy. What I mean is she picked up on things quickly and it didn't matter what it was - musical instruments, dance, clogging, horsemanship and riding horses, sports - basketball, volleyball, track, etc, english, math, whatever the subject was she got it figured out pretty fast. Well, for the first time in her life something is extremely difficult and that would be the Finnish Language.  She wants to speak fluently yesterday and wants to feel successful and productive and now feels very inadequate and is struggling with that.  She could use the encouraging words from many of you via mail or email or letters . "Letters are blessings", she says.  It also appears in her pictures that a group of them were shipped to California to be finger printed at the Finnish Embassy and while there made a trip to the LA Temple.  Attached will be some pictures from the MTC, etc.  We'll fill you in on more as we get more info.
Schyler and companions she rooms with at MTC

Schyler's District


Schyler and companions at LA TEMPLE

Sister Wunderli, Sister Jordan, Sister Harris
On flight to California for fingerprinting at Finnish Embassy

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