Sunday, January 4, 2015

To the Missionary Training Center (Provo,Utah)

After a fine "Last Supper" at the Olive Garden by special request from Schyler - we then ran up to the Provo Temple to freeze our bums off for a bit .... while taking a few photos.  Then off to the MTC.  We were assigned purple post -it # 14 and sent to the far left of the entrance.  Bags unloaded, Hugs and tears and then another Sister Missionary showed up to escort Schyler on her way.  As we pulled out of the entrance we rolled our windows down and hollered "We love you Schyler"  It was a brief, quick glance back at us, but not a moment too long.  She was happily and busily chatting away with the sisiter who came to fetch her.  And there she goes...................... Hyvaa Jatkua Sisar Jordan

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