Friday, March 20, 2015

3/17/15 Tender Mercies

Dear Everyone:
Wow... Another week down.  So much has happened this week and I am just doing like 10 times better than I was about a week ago.  So let me get started and hopefully fill you all in on what's going on here in this special place.  
So we got a new investigator this week.  We can't mention names, so we'll just go with that for now.  We have only taught him one lesson.  He speaks english and is from nigeria.  He really wants to learn more and is actually really interested.  He has the cutest little boy in the whole world.  I am really excited about where this could go.  
We had a dinner appointment with an older couple in our ward a few days ago.  They are seriously exactly what I want to be like one day.  They both speak really great english and we had the most delicious food at their house.  We talked a lot about their conversion story and lots of fun things.  I really love them. 
So we went to this old lady's house the other day to visit her, and she wanted to feed us and had made some food.  It was raw salmon.... eck... I was super nervous... Well thank goodness for the best rule ever made: NO RAW FISH!! YAY!! haha so we just had to tell her that it was a rule and luckily we didn't have to eat it.  I was really grateful.  There was also this really weird salad she had made, that I really wasn't too huge of a fan of, but you kinda just have to eat what they make.  And then I thought I was pouring water, but forgot to check and see if it was the carbonated kind and sure enough I take a sip and it was... plus it was citrus flavored.  Talk about alkaceltzer cold taste plus nasty cheese potato olive salad flavor... wow haha but luckily I survived it.  
So we were running to get on the Metro the other night and we were with a recent convert who is really awesome, and the doors closed right before I could get on.  So I was stuck in the kontula metro station at like 8pm which is like the sketchiest place ever here.  Was I scared... Yes.  Do weird things happen to me... yes.... do drunk guys come talk to me... Yes!! haha So the metro didn't come again for another 10 minutes and so I sat down on a bench and just prayed and started studying finnish words, hoping that nothing bad would happen because I was separated with my companion and in a freaky place and all by myself.  So then this drunk guy comes walking up to me and just stares at me, and so I start talking to him, and nothing he says makes any sense.  It was pretty funny needless to say and luckily I caught back up with my companion.  We laughed really hard about that one.  
So I am starting to slowly understand a little bit more.  I can sometimes get the ghist of what a conversation is about.  I can't exactly tell you specifics or anything like that, but I can at least tell you the topic of discussion which is better than my first week here.  Slowly I know Finnish will come.  
So I really love the ALL of the members here.  I just never thought I could love so many people so fast at once.  They feed us ALL the time.  We have just a really awesome ward.  Speaking of food... so I know I said I wouldn't get fat on my mission... well.. it may be happening.  So for one, the chocolate is amazing here.  Finnish chocolate is well... heaven.  Yes jake... I said it.  I eat chocolate ALL the time.  I never thought I would love chocolate so much haha.  And ice cream... oh gee... don't get me started.  I practically ate a whole tub all by myself the other day.  It's pathetic haha.  There is just lots of good food here.  
We mostly walk, ride the bus, or a metro for most of everything we are doing.  We see the other missionaries in our district every week at district meeting and at WML meeting and at church on sunday, and sometimes at other random times.  I really like my district.  Elder Monterrosso from the MTC in in my district and I am really grateful to have him here even if it is just knowing him.  One set of Elders had a baptism last week and the Zone leaders in our district have one this saturday so things have been successful here.  
So we eat a lot of fish at members homes... mostly for sunday dinners.  It is AMAZING and I am in heaven as you all know!!! There have been a few weird things to eat, but most of the time I don't even know how to ask nicely in finnish what things are so I am just forced to eat them haha.  But anyways things are just so much better here!! I am grateful for all that I am learning.  Last week was such a struggle, but I am grateful for all that it taught me.  I know that the Lord is watching over us every day and listens and answers our prayers in his own shape and time.  I am forever indebted to him and my savior jesus christ.  I am grateful for all that I am coming to know and the people I am able to help here.  I hope I can continue to be diligent and faithful and desire the salvation of others.  Thank you all for your love and support.  I love and miss you all!! You are great!! 
Sisar Jordan 

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