Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Dearest Family and Friends,
This week has been so great! Let me first start by telling you about a really funny experience I had in a lesson this week. We met this guy on a metro and he spoke English and was from India.  He was really interested and wanted to meet.  So like two days later, we met at his house.  We took Sister E from our ward because she spoke a little English.  She is an older lady who is SUPER bubbly and funny.  So we are having this great lesson and I recognize she really doesn't know as much English as I thought because she would just randomly spout out things based off of words that we said. So closer to the end of the lesson, we were talking about baptism, and had asked him to be baptized and she just randomly spouts of while holding a piece of her hair in the air: ´we no baptize like this... uh huh´ hahahaha.  It was the funniest thing, and our investigator just look at us really funny.  So then we had to explain what she meant and everything.  It was just really funny.  Me and my companion laughed for quite some time the rest of the week.  
Second cool story.  We have this new investigator and he came to church on Sunday.  AHH... it was so exciting and we were super happy about that.  We went to teach him on Friday and his wife was there which we were really happy about.  She actually sat in and listened to our lesson.  I am really hopeful for him and even possibly his wife.  He is really tender hearted and soft spoken and he has thee cutest little boy ever.  He is from Nigeria and speak English.  
So yesterday was probably one of the coolest days I have had here.  It was freezing cold.  It started snowing-raining and the wind was blowing and it was super cold.  We didn't have any lessons planned so we decided we would go try and contact this former investigator who had somewhat gone off the face of the planet.  So we headed to Vuosaari and got to his apartment complex.  We knocked a few times on the door and no one answered so we were pretty disappointed.  We had another possible investigator on our list in the same apartment complex, but no last name, so we didn't know which door was hers.  So we just decided to start at the top floor knocking on doors and see what would happen.  It was sort of crazy.  It makes your heart race.  So we knocked on like 6 doors and no one answered.  Then we heard some kids from a door down the hall and so we felt we should knock on that one.  It took us weirdly enough like 10 minutes to figure out kind of what we would say and finally rang the doorbell.  A little boy answered the door and I asked if this lady lived there.  He said no and so then I asked if his mom was there.  He went and got his mom and then we asked her.  She said no.  So then we kinda just looked at each other and then just told her that we believed that families could be together forever.  And then anyways long story short... we got a return appointment with her for this week and she actually seemed interested!! It was so cool! And she is Finnish which is eve better.  Then we decided to go back and check the other investigators door again just one last time since we were there and what do you know... he's standing outside the door getting ready to leave and we got to talk with him.  He hasn't investigated the church for two years and no one has been able to find or get a hold of him, but we finally did.  It was so cool and we also got a return appointment with him.  It was such a cool day and I was grateful for the neat experiences I was able to have.  Me and my companion are really trying our best to be exactly obedient and do all that we can and not waist any time, and we saw the blessing that came from doing this when we went tracting. We were just so grateful! 
Anywho... I am so grateful for all that I am learning and getting to do here.  Finland is amazing.  The language is still as hard as ever, but each day I learn more words and with each passing day, I hopefully am getting just a little bit better.  I love the members here and they are so good to us missionaries.  Finland is a special place and I love it so much!! Well that's about all for this week!! Have the best week ever and remember that when you do what you are asked, the Lord blesses you! I love you all! 
Sisar Jordan 

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