Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April 7, 2015 Minä olen Suomessa...

Well like the title says... I really am in Finland.  Somedays I am walking down the street and I stop and think to myself... am I really here right now.  I am really in Finland on a mission.  It's crazy to think that 5 weeks have already gone by.  Time really somehow moves along.  It's somewhat surreal when you are on a mission in a different country with different people, different weather, different language, somewhat different food, different atmosphere, and different sky (haha).  But I am grateful to be here.
Here are a few experiences from this week:
On wednesday we went to help clean this old ladies house.  I was mortified.  The house smelt like smoke and the floor had crumbs and food everywhere.  The ceiling was falling apart.  There was tape stuck on the wall with dead ants on it everywhere, and there were cobwebs in every corner and every light fixture.  Needless to say, I was not to enthused about helping clean her house.  When I saw the old lady though, my heart hurt.  Her hair was like all stringy and her fingers bent all the wrong ways.  They shook and she couldn't really do much for herself.  She lived her all alone and I couldn't help but think of how awful this was.  Did they really let people live like that?  I was slightly angry.  But we washed her windows and helped put up new curtains and make her some food.  I was really glad we could help, and it truly softened my heart and humbled me.  
Random fact: 
I have seen at least two men now since I have been here that will be randomly walking or running down the street and then just straight up fall down and smack their heads and will be out for like a minute or so and wake up so disoriented.  It's super crazy.  What i've been told is they are really drunk and just like wipe out.  They say it's pretty normal, but I think it's pretty crazy!! Anyways... 
We had a really cool experience this week with the lady we tracted into a few weeks ago. We had set up an appointment to meet with her, but then she wasn't there that day and we didn't have her number or any way to get a hold of her, so we just left a card with our number and told her to call us if she could.  We never got a response.  So on Thursday we decided to go to her apartment and knock again to see if she was home.  Sure enough she was, and she even let us inside and we got to teach her a lesson.  She was really interested and I really like her.  Even though it was all Finnish, from what I observed and slightly understood, she is super real, and logical about things, and wants to learn more about our church.  I am really excited about her, and just grateful that God blessed us for being diligent and not just giving up on her and waiting around for her to call us. 
We also had one of our investigators come to conference with us this week and that was super awesome.  That's about all the time I have to tell right now.  There were so many other great things that happened this week, but this is all time allows for today, so they will have to wait for 15 months or so! :)  Anyways I know this church is true.  I am grateful for the knowledge it brings to my life, and the comfort I receive from knowing I have a Heavenly Father who knows and loves me personally.  I am grateful for the experiences and people who have helped me to get to the place I am now here in Finland.  Although there are plenty of days that are really hard, I think slowly I am learning things and hopefully changing for the better.  I love you all dearly and am so grateful for you! Have the best week ever!! :)) Minä Rakastan teitä!! Moikka! 
Sisar Jordan     

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