Tuesday, May 5, 2015

5/5/15 "Kaikille" For Everyone !!!

This week wasn't the most effective or succesful in terms of missionary work with new investigators or really investigators we already had.  Almost all of our lessons fell through or they just weren't able to find time to meet with us.  We did quite a bit of contacting and tracting, but people just kept saying "Ei, Kiitos!"  It's really frustrating, but I guess we just keep trying.  
So there are actually quite a few funny missionary moments this week.  First one was when we were tracting the other day.  We had decided to go find this potential from the area book.  We got to his house, and we got about to the door, and then I just didn't feel like we knew exactly what we were going to say and we weren't prepared, so we walked back from his door just a little ways... like in the driveway and started talking about exactly what we wanted to say.  We were there for about 3 minutes when all the sudden above us on the balcony, a door opens and out walks this man.  So of course, we are standing there looking stupid, so we just ask if he is the man we were looking for and he says yes.  Then he decides to go back inside and down the steps to come out and talk with us.  He just mostly said that he is Lutheran (like they all claim to be here) and really faithful as well as his wife and not interested in joining a different religion, but he really appreciates all that we do here and respects our religion.  It was just really funny, because i'm sure he was really confused as to why these two girls dressed like nuns with name tags we standing in front of his house plotting.  We laughed for a while afterwards.  
This week was a holiday called Vapuu.  It's kind of like our labor day in America, except people get REALLY drunk.  We have this rule on certain holidays that we can be outside or proselyting unless we have a scheduled appointment we need to get to, but in that case, we just have to go straight there and can't talk to anyone.  So on thursday, from 6pm-9pm, we couldn't be outside and also ALL day friday.  It's kinda crazy.  So we tried to schedule appointments, but ended up just being scheduled to go to members homes.  Onfriday, we went to an old lady which we visit each week and we had this traditional Vapuu drink called Sima and some like funnel cake things.  So sima can be bought without alcohol and we asked her and she claimed she got the non-alcoholic kind, but then sister seegmiller was looking at the bottle when she walked out of the room after we had drunk 2 glasses full, and it said .8% alcoholic.  So... well hopefully I will be forgiven!! 
So I guess the last thing I will tell you for this week is that we had transfer calls on Saturday morning.  I guess I had a feeling in my heart that this was going to happen, but didnt' want to believe it.  Sister Seegmiller will be leaving Marjaniemi and going to Espoo.  I will be getting a new companion named Sister Forrest.  She has been training sister Hermann who was in the MTC with me.  I really love both of them, and I am just SO excited to be companions with her.  When they stayed overnight with us before Zone Conference I was talking with her and she had said, I hope that we get to be companions sometime, which in my head I was thinking the same exact thing, because I really like her, and what do you know... we are!! I am really excited!! BUT... I also have had a really hard time accepting that Sister Seegmiller is leaving.  At first I was honestly a little hesitant and I struggled with her at first, and didnt think I would really come to love her this much.  I love that woman so so much and I really don't want her to go! I have learned so much from her and it feels like saying bye to your family all over again! It really hurts! She is going to train again and I am really excited for her! I am excited for a new transfer and all the adventures that are awaiting! I am so grateful to be here in this sacred and special place... it truly is! I am grateful for the people here, especially the members! They will forever hold a special place in my heart! Thank you all for you love and support weekly and daily! I love you all!!!! Have the best week ever! 
Sisar Jordan

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