Friday, October 2, 2015

August 11, 2015 "It takes 100+ to find the one!"

Hey everyone!  Another day in the life...  what a week! 

So on Wednesday, we accidentally took the wrong bus and ended up all the way in Tikkakoski and we didn't have time to stay out there, because the bus only goes back to the center every so often, so we had to catch the next bus back.  It's frustrating when that happens because then 2 hours of your day is wasted sitting on a bus with hardly any people, but it happens and it makes for some funny adventures and we get to practice all of our vocab! :)  Later that evening, we had a dinner appointment at an American member's apartment.  She is going to school here and we really love her!  After we left her house, we went tracting for a while before we were going to go home.  The area we were in was near her apartment, and about a half hour away from our's.  Forgetful me, accidentally left my planner at the member's apartment and Sarah texted us while we were tracting to tell us.  Well little miss me who always seems to have to go to the bathroom, thought I was going to pee my pants, because lucky us... Finland doesn't know what "public bathrooms" are.  Thank goodness for us, she (American) lives so close to where we were at, and we had to go back there for my planner, I was able to use her bathroom... thank goodness!!  

AHH.... it's starting to get darker here every night.  I go out on the Parveke (enclosed balcony) every night to say my prayers and so I've been able to see how much darker and darker it's getting at night.  It's making me sad that the summer is getting closer to being over and that just means that Winter is getting near.  I can't say that I'm super excited for that.  I just really love the summer here... nothing beats it!  

Well there's some really great news for this week:  We have our investigator back.  We decided to text him and just see if he would meet us to have a member share his conversion story with him, and he said that he has thought and prayed and knows that this is something he needs to continue learning about and studying.  We had a lesson with him last night and it went fairly well too!  He's quite the talker, which is unusual for Finns, and that is sometimes hard because he will go off on stories of his life and we have a hard time bringing it back because we don't understand exactly all that he is saying.  Slowly me and Sister Allen are trying to figure out this crazy language and understand what people are saying, but we just aren't quite that great at it yet!  It's coming though.  Our investigator is really patient with us though and we're really grateful for that.  I'm just so glad that it has worked out and he is willing to continue meeting!  

We have done some serious tracting here and not a lot of results have come from it.  There have most definitely been quite a few moments that I just think to myself, "Is it because I stink at Finnish?  Is it because our approaches are just awful and don't make sense?  Do I smell?  Do I look weird?"  Honestly, I have just thought what is wrong here?  We have tried to figure out what exactly we are doing wrong and it just has seemed like we just really stink at this.  Well the other night we went out to an area to contact a potential, who wasn't home, so we decided that we would tract in that area.  The same as I have thought a lot lately, I just thought, well here we go again... about to look dumb and no one will listen, but yes Heavenly Father I will do this and could you please just let something amazing happen.  Well this time he really did!  We tracted into a family who listened to everything we had to say.  We got their number and name, set up a return appointment, gave them a book of Mormon, and asked them to read before we came.  Our appointment is tonight!!! AHH!!!   It was just such a great feeling inside to know that all our efforts finally paid off.  It literally probably took us about 500 to find this one, but it was worth how great I felt about it when we walked away from their door that night!   I am so deeply grateful that Heavenly Father has heard all of my prayers and is listening.  He loves us and when we do our best and trust in his promises and his timing and his ways, we are blessed.  I have a quote from the talk "Come What May & Love It" by Joseph B. Wirthlin that I really like that goes along with this experience.  It says: 

"The Simple Secret it this: Put your trust in the Lord, do your best, then leave the rest to Him." 

I know that that's what I am trying to do.  Put my trust in the Lord, do my best, and leave whatever happens up to him.  

I want you all to know that I truly know that we have a loving Heavenly Father watching over us every day.  He loves us and does want us to succeed in this life.  He is waiting to bless us and uplift us.  He hears our prayers and he answers them in his own way and time.  Believe that he is there.  Believe that he is listening.  Believe that he will bless you.  

I love you all! Make yourselves a fabulous week! 

Sisar Jordan

We didn't realize we had Ice cream mustaches :}
Lakes, Lakes and more lakes!

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