Monday, November 9, 2015

11/3/15 "Do you have the keys?"

Hello Hello everyone!  What a great week it was!  Jyväskylä is such a great city and I am so grateful I've been able to serve here for 4 months already.  Speaking of time and what not, this week will be transfer calls unfortunately.  I am excited for sure, but also having a feeling that Sister Allen and I won't be together anymore.  We've been together now 4 months and she's been here in Jyväskylä 6, so the odds aren't exactly in her favor for staying here.  We'll see where Heavenly Father needs us to go though and do so with gratefulness.  My own feelings towards transfer calls-- I WANT TO STAY HERE!! If I could stay here with Sister Allen I would, but I guess a new companion is alright too.  Change is good.  Change is important (from the wise Sister Forrest)!  Katsotaan mitä tapahtuu! (We'll see what happens..)

So for the low down of the week-- here it goes:

TIISTAI-- most exciting thing after preparation day was over is that we went tracting.   Nothing too exciting happened.

KESKIVIIKKO-- We had District Meeting.  Then that evening we were headed to an older single lady's house who is in the ward.  We had decided to try a referral that we had received clear back in August and tried to contact then like 4 times, but had never been home.  Well we figured we would try one more time, and guess what?? She was home and we set up a return appointment for the next day.  It was so cool to see how we really are led and guided by the spirit each day.

TORSTAI-- We went to go to that referrals house for our lesson, but as we were walking up the stairs in the apartment complex, she was walking down with her dog in a hurry and just said, we are going to the doctor right now and walked out the door.  Sister Allen and I just stood there looking dumb and looked at each other and just said, "What just happened?"  It was the weirdest thing.  So we are going to try and go to her house another night this week hopefully, and see if maybe she has time now.  Then we went to go to the bathroom at K City Market while we were in that area and we saw a Less Active who really hasn't been to church for a long long time, so probably would be considered in-active, but kuitenkin, we saw him and then decided to go back and find him in the store and invite him to the Ward Halloween party at the church the next night.  He seemed really happy we had invited him, but honestly I didn't really think he would come.  Then later in the afternoon, we got to go to one of the member's house for dinner and to work on this School presentation that we are doing with him on Friday this week for a bunch of High School Kids-- Can I just say, one of the scariest things I think I'll have to do on my mission.  Give an hour long school presentation about our church in Finnish to High School Students.  But hopefully it will go well.  Then we went tracting in the rain and dark for about 2 hours.  I was pretty cold let's just say that.  Then we headed to the wife of the less active's house that we always clean each week.  After we got done cleaning, she made Pannukakku (pretty much like thick crapes) for us with this yummy jam and whipped cream.  MMMmm.... yummiest thing ever!  We also had invited her and her husband and their kids to the Halloween party and that night her husband said he was probably going to bring their son and come.  SO EXCITING! He hasn't been to church in about 10 years. I'd say a ward halloween party is a good start!

PERJANTAI-- We had cleaning inspections with one of the Senior couple missionaries.  They are the best.  They took us out to lunch afterwards and it was so much fun.  It was nice to be with some Americans for a while and just be with them.  Senior Missionaries are the best!!!!! Then that night we had the ward Halloween Party that they had asked us to help with.  We definitely had a lot of fun there!  It was weird to see the Finns so out of their element with costumes and loud music.  It's almost always so quite and they are so reserved.  It was lots of fun!!!  And guess what??  Both of the less actives we invited came!!!!! And the recent convert family all came.  It was SUPER GREAT!!!!!  SUCCESS!!!

LAUANTAI-- We did service for about 3 hours helping an older lady (probably in her late 70s) unpack all of her stuff.  She was moving from a different apartment.  Seriously I am just so impressed with the elderly people here.  Everyone rides their bikes and that lady was in there screwing these big book shelves together.  I want to be as fit and in shape as the Elderly people are here in Finland.  It's amazing.  Then we had a lesson with our other investigator.  We brought a member along and read in the Book of Mormon.  It's always so great when members come on lessons.  They really add to the lesson and help us with our teaching--- especially the Finnish part of it all!

SUNNUNTAI-- Recent Converts came to church, and so did our other investigator!!!  YAY!!!!  We ate lunch with a bunch of the members at the church and it was lots of fun!  They are so great about feeding us here!  Then we did studies and tracting and visiting our cute little old lady!  Was another special sunday for sure!

MAANANTAI-- Well this is where our week gets pretty crazy.  This is a story I'll definitely have to retell one day, but for the short version here goes.  So usually every morning when we go out to run, I always ask Sister Allen if she has the keys, because she is the one who usually has them.   Well I guess we both were just half asleep when we walked out the door, because we didn't have the cell phone, or the keys and neither one of us bothered to check and ask the other one if they had them.  Well we get about 10 steps past the bottom door of our apartment and Sister Allen stops and say, "Uh... I don't have the keys."  Well long story short, about two hours later after some amazing nearby members helped us, we were able to get into our apartment after having the police come and the door opener guy.  It was an ordeal for sure and I'm just so glad that it turned out alright.  Definitely gave us a good reminder to be more responsible and to make sure we have everything when we leave the apartment-- even at 6:30am.  Well then that night we had a Family Home evening with our recent convert family and another couple in the ward.  It went pretty well and I think it got them excited about teaching their kids and holding family home evening on their own.  They are so great!

Well that was about the week!  It has been pretty warm here actually these last couple of days!  It's dark by a little before 5pm which is weird, and dark still usually when we start personal study in the mornings at 8am.  The dark is going to take some getting used to, but it will be over before I know it.  I am just so grateful to be serving in such a beautiful place and to have such wonderful members here who are eager and ready to help with Missionary Work.  I am grateful to have supportive family members and friends who pray for me and all the missionaries!  And most of all, I am grateful for this Gospel and the blessing it is in my life!  I am blessed each day by the knowledge I have of a Heavenly Father who loves me and cares about me.  His plan is perfect and He truly is good.  I love being apart of this work and the blessings it brings to my life.  I hope you all know how much I love you and care about you!  You are amazing!  Make today a great day!  Love you all lots!

Sisar Jordan
Our trick or treating room at the Ward Halloween party.  It was the best we could do with our resources.  haha 

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