Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March 1, 2016 Tomorrow marks Schyler's ONE year mark in the country of FINLAND !!!!

All Thing Bright and Beautiful!

It's been such a great week! As always.  I sure love being a missionary and I love being in Finland.  This week I really have felt God's love and know that His hand is in all that we do.  We had the opportunity to teach the recent convert family twice this week.  I really realized while we were teaching them, that I think one reason God has let me stay here in Jyväskylä for so long, is so that I could witness all the miracles and conversion and progression that would take place in their family.  Not only did I have the chance to be in instrument in the Lord's hands, but also it has changed me.  It has helped me to have greater love and humility in my own life.  They have been such a huge blessing in my life and they have made my mission so very special.  They will forever hold a special place in my heart, and I will always be reminded of and strengthened by the love that I felt as I taught them, learned with them, and grew with them.

One of our investigators is doing alright this week.  We've had quite a few lessons with her this week, but still working through some concerns.  We're hoping to set a baptismal date for maybe a little farther in the future with her this week, so that hopefully that will at least help her to make some of these other changes and decisions in her life.  I have been teaching her since I got here to Jyväskylä and it's been so great to develop a friendship with her, and also to see the light that has come into her life because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The converting power of the Gospel is so real and I am strengthened every day by how much I can see that while serving as a missionary.  Have I mentioned already-- I love being a missionary!

So some other interesting things that happened this week--

-I cut my finger.  I was just in too big of a hurry to cut up an avocado and just practically tossed the knife in the air and then tried to catch it.  I'm not exactly sure what I was thinking, but I cut my finger pretty good.  I really don't do so well with my own blood, so I pretty much was in shock, when a ton of blood started gushing out my finger.  My companions were trying to figure out what exactly had happened, but I couldn't say a word.  All I could do is just stick my finger under the cold running water in the sink.  Finally we got it all taken care of and everything is okay and my finger is healing nicely.  But I definitely learned that it's better to just be safe than to end up cutting yourself, even if it means that you're going to be late.

-I got swatted at by someone that I tried to stop on the street the other day.  That was pretty interesting.  I never have had that happen before, so it was pretty funny.  We just walked away and I had a good laugh.  Oh you just gotta love people.

Sister Saarinen will be leaving for Utah (She will be serving in the Southern Utah Mission- so please everyone watch out for her and be good to her if she happens to be in your area serving) this coming week and I am so so sad that she will be gone.  I sure love her and have learned so much about these people that I love so much here in Finland.  She has been such a blessing in my life and I know that she will bless the lives of those in Utah as well.

 Well that's about all I have time to tell about this week.  I know that this Gospel is true.  I love it will all of my heart.  I love my Savior Jesus Christ and I am so very grateful for the opportunity that I have to tell people about Him every. single. day.  He is my light and my song and He calms the storms in my life.  I. Love. Being. A. Missionary.  I love you all so much!  Have a super week!

Sisar Jordan
The Beaver-ite and the Minersville-ite.... ok I don't actually know if that's right.  But it was so good to see Sisar Reynolds at Zone training.  I have been so blessed to have her here and to serve with her.  It's so good to have a familiar face 5000 miles away from home.  I love her so much and I'm going to miss her a lot when she leaves in 2 weeks.  She is sure great!! 

The church in Tampere for Zone Training.  
                                          WOW!  Schyler your hair is soooo LONG!!!!
MTC group reunited again.  Elder Gailey (the one next to me) was in my MTC district.  We haven't seen too much of each other here in Finland so it was great to see him at Zone Training and hear about all the experiences we've had the past year.  Crazy how fast time flies.  

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