Monday, January 26, 2015

Be Still My Soul

January 22, 2015

     Well, family and friends.  Three whole weeks have gone by.  I am a third of the way done here at the MTC and a 1/27th of the way through my mission.  I miss you all so much, but know there are so many people who need me and more importantly need the gospel. I am so ready to GO share my true conviction and love for the gospel with them.
     But, first things first....I have to learn Finnish. It seriously is the hardest language ever, but I am grateful it is pushing me and humbling me.  I am grateful for the time I have here at the MTC to prepare myself to be the best missionary I am capable of being.  Our time here really does mean: My Time with Christ (MTC).  That's what the MTC is about.  Yes, it prepares you for the language and how to teach, but you can't do all that without spending time with Christ and asking for his help.
     So, on Tuesday we had another huge devotional. Elder M Russell Ballard spoke and gave lots of advice to missionaries.  I feel so privileged to be able to hear from such amazing men.  I also was able to sing in the choir again.  It is truly a neat experience.  SO, to all you future missionaries - make sure you take part in that if at least once while in the MTC.  You won't regret it.  I mean, plus,  if your might get your face on the big!  So all the other MTC's around the world can see your smiling face!!!!
     I got called to be one of the new Sister Training Leaders on Sunday.  The Hungarians, who we have become so close to are leaving on Monday, and on Wednesday we are getting 25 new missionaries in our branch.  They will consist of Hungarian, Estonians, and Albanian missionaries.  It's really neat that three of the elders in our district got called as the zone leaders.  Our whole district are the leaders!  It's really awesome.  Oh, and in case you didn't know there are 2 districts of Finns, 1 Hungarian district in our Branch right now, but they are leaving. My district (one sister tripanionship - mine and one elder tripanionship).  The other district has a set of sisters and 2 sets of elders. Altogether there will be 12 of us leaving for Finland about March 2nd it looks like.  We are all very close. It is so awesome.
     Sunday last week our branch president spoke on the atonement of Christ.  I want to share a quote I found later that night that has helped me so much.
     Russel M Nelson - " ....I recognize that on occasion some of our most fervent prayers may seem to go unanswered.  We wonder why?  I know that feeling!  I know the fears and tears of such moments.  BUT, I also know that our prayers are never ignored.  Our faith is never unappreciated.  I know that an all wise Heavenly Father's perspective is much broader than ours.  While we know of our mortal problems and pain, HE knows of our immortal progress and potential.  If we pray to know His will and submit ourselves to it - with patience and courage, Heavenly Father's will can take place in its own way and time."

My time is short, but know that I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! a mission is changing me in so many good ways.  I am so grateful for this experience!  I love you and I am grateful for your examples and love!!! Have the best week ever!!!

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