Monday, January 26, 2015

thoughts from Mom.....

Each week Schyler has sent me a handwritten letter in addition to her email....I usually get this on saturday and post her blog information on sunday/monday.  These have come to me with a letter on top addressed to "Dear Mom".  As I read Schyler's letters saturday I had to pull over and read them several times and stayed put because I couldn't see to drive .....a flood of tears came a pouring.  I cannot express to you all the feelings you have of complete JOY and happiness as you send a missionary out and see the changes take place so quickly, so powerfully and so amazingly.  It has to be the ultimate reward of parenthood.  Beyond words!!!!  She is learning so completely and so wonderfully the power of charity and service to others.  Several of us here at home challenged her to seek others out to serve - hoping that by worrying about other people her tremendous struggle with the language would melt away and that eventually it would come.  Although the language isn't easier or coming any faster for her her attitude has shifted to a tremendous outpouring of love and empathy for others and a huge desire to teach the gospel.  She has shared with me some small amazing miracles happening in her little district - she is recognizing the hand of God in so many areas of her life.  Missions do bring miracles believe me I am wittnessing this.  I wouldn't trade this experience for anything in the world.  I LOVE HAVING A MISSIONARY OUT THERE and it is so inspiring for us here at home to step it up and do better!!!!!!! Thank you Schyler for your choice and for allowing us to be such a close part of what is happening.

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