Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Only 4......more weeks 1/29/15

Well, nothing too exciting this week! We received 24 new missionaries to our Branch on Wednesday.  It will be fun to get to know them all! We had some really awesome devotionals this week with two members of the 70's who spoke to us.  Yet again I took lots of notes about how to completely serve the Lord.  Its crazy it has been a month already and it made me think WOW! this really might go by super fast and I want to make the very most of that time.  I only have 18 months to serve this same way. A mission is different than anything else in your life.  It is super hard, but so rewarding and worth every hard moment.  I haven't even made it to the field yet and I can't wait.  Hate to say this but I might actually miss this place when I leave.  Does it mean I would want to come back?  No, probably not - HA! HA! BUT I have learned and grown so much here.

There is not a whole lot in this week's letter, but I will leave you with two words of advice : 1) Use your time wisely.  Time is so precious.  Every second, every minute, every hour every day is important.  Don't waist time you'll never get back by being angry, upset or frustrated.  2) For all of you who may read this and are thinking about serving a mission or already have your call.....decide right now to set aside everything and serve with "all your heart, might, mind and strength."  It isn't worth all the things you leave behind and time spent if you don't completely serve the Lord with all that you can!  I am continuing to improve on this every day as well.  You are all so awesome!  I love you so much!  Have an amazing week! Stay Green!  (anyone know what that means?)

Sisar Jordan

Schyler's leave date is tentatively March 2nd and all 12 elders/sisters in the two Finish districts will leave together for Finland.  What an exciting time for them.

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