Thursday, February 5, 2015

#5 P-day 2/5/15

Here are the latest pictures from Schyler
Schyler and her two companions serving in Finland
along with the other tripanionship of sisters going to Estonia......
Look at that... each tripanionship has a blonde, brunette and a red head !!!! LOL !!

Silly moment.....come on...where's all the goofy faces and we love yours Schyler!!!
This is Schyler's district - These six will fly to Finland together along with
the other district of 6.  12 total going to Finland March 2nd

Embarrassing!!!! Thank you to my companions!!!!
Ma, Sisar Egan ja puolet seuraavassa transferissa Suomeen tulevista lahkareista. Koitan saada kuvan viela muidenkin Suomeen tulevian kanssa. Moikkaillaan aina kaytavilla ja he on kyselly multa paljon Suomesta.
Finnish Class MTC !!!!

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