Monday, March 2, 2015

2/27/15 "THE CHAOS"

This week has been so crazy!!!! Trying to pack your life into two suitcases that can only weight 50 pounds is quite the struggle, especially when you are Schyler Jordan.  Anyone who knows me well should probably be laughing by now.  But anyways.....I am SO excited to be leaving and actually going to the mission field.  I have learned so much here, but it is definitely my time to go. I am really going to miss my companions and everyone in our two Finnish Districts.  It's so funny because my companions and I all talked about how and what our first thoughts were about each other - and how in only one week we came to really love each other.  Honestly, we've never had any problems and I know I was blessed. I know whoever I am assigned to next - I just need to have patience with them and myself.   I realize its going to be really hard the first few weeks once I get there.  I think I am ready for that struggle and know that it will only be a learning experience in the end.  I am really excited to meet my mission president.  I honestly am ready for a lot of the unknowns to be answered.  I am ready to get to Finland!!!
Don't have a lot of time to share a spiritual message, but I know many of you have been curious to know my flight plans - SO they go as follows:
Leave SLC 11:50am Mar 2
Arrive Dallas, TX 3:25pm
Leave Dallas 4:50pm
Arrive London, England 7:25am Mar 3
Leave London 11:20am
Arrive Helsinki Finlan 4:15pm   Finland is 9 hrs (time wise) ahead of Utah, so that should be about
                                                    7:15 am Tues Utah time.
Thanks for all your emails, love and support!  I love you all so much!!!
Sisar Jordan
Schyler and Sister Harris in their room at the MTC

What a bunch of goof heads!!!!

Schyler's zone

Schyler's District

Schyler and Meg on their P day this past thursday - time for goodbye's
Sisters in Schyler's district

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