Wednesday, March 11, 2015

"Another Life"


Hello Everyone!!! I am here in Finland crazy enough.  I am in Helsinki, in a part called Marjaniemi.  Things are definitely different here and I feel definitely out of my element.  Everyone speaks Finnish and I thought I somewhat knew finnish when I left the MTC, but came to realize that I knew practically nothing haha.  I understand nothing.  And they talk SO fast, but everyone says with time I will eventually start to understand it.  
We have had quite a few Dinner appointments and also teaching opportunities.  I have tried to contribute when my companion asks me too, but other than that it is really hard to say anything, but i assume someday it has to at least come.  There are so many kind and nice families and I love them a lot already.  The ward is really great!! 
I had to bear my testimony in sacrament meeting on sunday in finnish and that was scary, but I said some things really fast and then sat down just as fast haha.  
It was really rainy and dark here for a few days, but yesterday the Sun came out and it was really nice. One of the families we ate with the other night, made this really yummy salmon and I really loved it! The food is really great... as well as the chocolate! ;)  
My trainer is really great and luckily is really patient with me.  We ride the metro and buses about everywhere as well as walking.  Honestly I am a little lost this week, but I am slowly starting to pick things up and hope that it will continue to just get a little easier.  I am grateful for hard things, even though sometimes I may not sound or act like it.  I know that I am learning things and being humbled in so many ways.  I am really grateful for all of your kind emails and the support and time taken to email me! Thank you for all the prayers and fasting as well! I love you all so much and I am so grateful for all of you!! Have the best week! 
-Sisar Jordan   

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