Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pictures !!!!! 4/21/15

Sister Jordan and Sister Seegmillar

Sisar Jordan's encouragement to eat healthier!!!!
Beautiful Lake near Pres Watson's home - We stayed there for three days for Interim Training!

Beautiful Lake near Mission Home - We went for a run one morning!

Great Day @ the Helsinki Temple

Escalators !  WOW!!! they are something here!

Super long escalator rides here!

Just goofin' off

Helsinki Temple

Beach at Espoo

Very Long Bus ride to Tampere for Zone conference - I am way back left side!

Goodbye to Sis. Thayne
This one is for Jake.....I tried his chocolate or what I
think is what he was talking about.
Look what we found twinkies and oreos, but hmmm do
I miss American Oreos!!!!!
Normal clothes!!!!!   LOL!!!!

Flash mob downtown Helsinki

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