Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Oh you know......just a typical backyard and walk in the park......like everywhere looks like this !

A ride on the bus - like every day we see this kind of stuff.....Its wonderful !!

Elder Lee used to visit beaver because they have a cabin up in our mountains I think.  Anyways... he is going home at the end of this transfer and we saw each other at Zone Conference.  Figured the Rileys, Smiths, or Harris's would know who he was.  Small world..   (So here is a funny.....Schyler probably never put two and two together, but Elder Lee's Mom, Anita is a huge fan of the clinic and drives all the way from Vegas to Beaver just for Veterinary Services.  She adores Pam and Evan!!!!!  We take care of all their critters.
Sisar Allan and I and yes...everyone.....my hair has turned pumpkin :) !!!!
Panoramic View of a typical neighborhood we walk through all the time.  How would that be?  

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