Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tues. July 21, 2015

Jyväskylä is so gorgeous!!  It's seriously unbelievable!  I am definitely blessed to be able to serve in Finland for two summers and only one winter... speaking of which, I am not exactly looking forward to winter a whole lot right now.  It's just the perfect temperature-- not to cold, and not really hot.  We have days where it rains and that's always really fun, and we have days of lots of sunshine.  The wind doesn't ever blow crazy like it does in Beaver.  There are lakes and trees everywhere you look and I just can't believe how beautiful it is.  I feel like I'm walking through the forest everywhere I go.  "I Stand All Amazed" at the hand of God and all he has created here.
This week was a little rough.  We pretty much tracted and contacted the whole week.  We don't have any investigators at the moment, so we've really been trying to find some.  We get quite a few doors shut rather hard on us, and people just really not interested or really annoyed that we bothered them. It can definitely be rather frustrating, but we are just trying to find more effective ways to get people to listen.  We walk rather a lot, and my shoes are definitely getting a lot more worn out than my last 4 months.  The mosquitos are bad right now too, so I have about 10 bug bites and counting as of right now.  They get huge here too... haha it's annoying.
We had Zone Conference this last week, and it was in Tampere.  So we had to wake up at about 5am to get ready and be at the Train station by 6.  Then we rode the train for about an hour and a half to Tampere and then walked about 25 minutes to the church there.  We have Zone Conference until about 4:30 and then we went and ate somewhere and then rode the train all the way back.  Just for 6 of us missionaries to travel there and back, it was about 184 euros... that's only once a month.  It's crazy how much the church spends on our mission here.  We are definitely blessed. 
We did the sharing time in primary this last week.  Sister Allen played the piano and I did all the talking and leading the music and playing the games.  It was much easier to try and speak Finnish in front of a bunch of little kids than it is to teach and talk to adults.  It was really fun. 
Well this week is looking so much more hopeful! We have been going through our area book... because it's rather a mess, and trying to organize it and sort it out.  We have looked up a lot of the addresses of the potential investigators and sorted them into areas as well as the formers.  We've been picking areas to go to and taking all of those potential's addresses and trying to contact them.  We have had success!! We have two return appointments for this week! It's so great! I am really excited!!!  We also received a referral about 2 weeks ago and we have a lesson with him tonight.  I have felt really weird about it for the last couple days and I'm really hoping it goes well! I have a lot of high hopes for it, and me and Sister Allen have really been trying to prepare our Finnish for it.  I hope that we can understand for the most part and be able to share all that we have planned.  We are working hard together being so young to try and learn this language and talk to people.  It's definitely not always easy, but we are learning. 
Well that's about it for this week for now.  I hope you all enjoy the pictures.  They definitely don't even come close to the real beauty of Finland.  It's honestly ridiculous, and I hope that you all can one day visit this sacred and beautiful land.  I know the Lord is blessing me in so many ways and helping me to do much more than I ever could on my own.  He truly is "supporting me from one moment to the next" and helping me to find those who are ready to hear about the gospel.  Thank you for all the love and support! I love you all! Make yourself a great week!
Sisar Jordan   

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