Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December 1, 2015 Happy Holidays to All !!!!

No big email today from our missionary.  Their time emailing has been cut back, so today we just received pictures and our individual email.  She did mention in our email that the weather is actually warmer there than here.  Temps have been about 30-32 degrees 24/7 with some snow and lots of rain and 100% humidity - so it probably feels colder than our weather here in Utah.  Currently, she and her companion are a bit frustrated with no current investigators, so now the search is seriously on for "Finding" someone!  Keep them in your prayers.
This past week the YW of their ward prepared a huge thanksgiving dinner for the missionaries in this area.  This was a real treat!!! Schyler wowed them with her finnish creation of a frog eye salad.  It was a hit!!! Now she has to figure out how to translate the recipe into the finnish language as many requested a copy of the recipe.
Schyler mentioned to her Dad that Salmon is frequently caught there and eaten often!  She is right at home with all the fish and seafood.  That is one of her favorites!!!
Hard to believe she will hit her one year mark Dec 31st!!!!!!!!!!
Me and the Frog Eye Salad--
 Sammakko Silm√§ Salaatti in Finnish.  :)


ME.....trying not to freeze!!!!!

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