Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 12, 2016 Oulu is waking!

Schyler is busier than ever and this is so good!  She didn't have time to write a big group email this week so I will share just a few tidbits from her personal emails home to Mom and Dad........

"Things are so great.  We have about 9 investigators right now.  One of them with a baptismal date and others that are progressing.  It's crazy how much is happening in this area right now.  Sister Powell is really awesome at what she does and hopefully I can learn even a small part of how she does it all.  I think the biggest thing is that she doesn't ever think about herself.  It's never about her, and I think that's why she's so successful.  I think that's the biggest key.  So gradually I am learning or at least trying to learn that from her."  

"Slowly slowly, some green is coming -it's still rather cold.  I have to still wear a hat and big scarf and small pair of gloves, but for the most part it's getting warmer.  And lighter... holy camoly.  At 9 at night when we come in, it's still pretty much all light.  The sun is just going down and the sunsets are amazing.  I really cannot imagine what it will be like in the summer. It's going to be weird that's for sure.  You would love it here right now.  It's just so beautiful.  Things are still kind of dead, but slowly they are coming to life.  That's such a cool thing to see.  I remember loving it last year too, when I first got here."

 "Oulu has been fantastic.  This last week was really awesome.  It's getting warmer and warmer which I'm grateful for.  We ride bikes all the time, so that is a nice work-out.  We're by the ocean and it practically runs right through the middle of the city.  You'd never really guess it's the ocean because it's different than what you think of when you think "ocean" but it's Finland, it's just unique.  There are bridges everywhere that cross over the ocean where it intersects in the city.  It's just so beautiful.  We'll see what I say of it compared to Jyväskylä when summer comes.  I don't know if anything can beat there.  Oulu is definitely bigger and busier than Jyväskylä though.  It's nice because there's so many more people to talk to, but on the other hand I really miss the peacefulness and calmness of Jyväsklyä.  I just..... ah..... I love that city, and I miss it. The sunsets right now are just amazing.  AMAZING.  Unfortunately, I have been too busy to take many pictures, but hopefully my memory will do I guess.    I'm just going going going all the time.  It's nuts, but it's good.  It will be weird when Sister Powell goes home.  Hopefully,  I'll slowly get the hang of everything.  She is really awesome though.  Very confident in what she does.  Loves to speak Finnish 24-7 outside, which is sometimes hard and frustrating for me. Let's just face it, Finnish is just still hard for me, but it's teaching me a lot, especially patience and hard work.  Thank goodness for that."

Missions are the best and I hope anyone thinking about going really seriously considers all the 
learning and growth that can occur.  Wouldn't trade this mission of Schyler's for anything in the world.  We have loved every moment along the way with her.  

SPLITS! :)  Sister Hyde is so great! 
Ainolanpolku Bridge, Oulu, Finland, Water, Reflection
So many kinds of bridges everywhere here!
Incredible SUNSETS!!!!!!

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