Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April 19, 2016 Our Heavenly Father

So I'll just apologize first-off that this week is short and not too informative.  But it's been another wonderful week.  God sure is blessing Sister Powell and I.  I just love Sister Powell.  She is amazing.  Everday I am literally blown away by her ability to love.  Her ability to accept it and show it towards others.  I'm influenced by her ability to help others feel God's love and know of His eternal plan for them.    I've never met someone who is just so willing to accept God's will and to do it.  I am learning so much about my relationship with God and my accountability to Him through Sister Powell.  God sure knew that I needed her in my life.  Oh what am I saying.  Of course God knew. He always knows.  I just didn't know it, and I'm grateful that God has helped me to realize how much I have and still do need her.  I have needed every single one of my companions.  They have shaped me in the most unique and beautiful ways.  I have a sure testimony that God places people in our lives or in our paths for very specific reasons relating to our eternal destiny our earthly lives' path.  How good He is.  How much He loves us and is aware of us.  And blessed I am to have the opportunity to share this knowledge with others.  I'm grateful for the time that I have here in Finland.  I know that the Gospel is true.  It's the only thing that really holds us together when our world falls apart.  I know that God is real.  He loves us.  He is our Father in Heaven.  I know that Jesus is the Christ and that through Him we can return and live with our Father in Heaven and receive that fulness of joy.  I know they want us to succeed and have given us the tools to do so.  We just have to find them and use them. I love missionary work, even though (yes I am willing to admit it) it is hard, one of the hardest things I've ever done.  But I love it.  I know that as we turn outwards in our moments of trial, that God blesses us with happiness and lifts us beyond what we could do ourselves.  I have seen that in my life and know that it is true.  I love you all.  You are wonderful.  You are amazing.  You are sons and daughters of a loving, perfect, all knowing, and Eternal God.  Don't forget that.  Go and Make today a great day!!

Sisar Jordan
Sister Powell and I headed out for the bikes.  

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