Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April 26, 2016 the UPDATE

So I have been pretty awful I guess you could say about writing everyone and giving you an update on really what is happening here with me.  I apologize for that.  I should be better at sharing all the spiritual stories that are happening here with Heavenly Father's children and I haven't done that as well as I should.

Right now, Sister Powell and I are teaching about 7 people.  Two of them have a baptismal date.  One is a Finn and the other one is from Kenya.  The investigator from Kenya we actually just set a baptismal date with this week.  IT WAS AWESOME!!!  So we've been so busy lately that we've had the chance to do quite a few member splits-- where Sister Powell goes with one member to a lesson and I go with a member to the other lesson.  Well because of how our area is set up and the time and transportation and everything, on Sunday evening, Sister Powell and one of the members went to a lesson with one of our investigators while I and the other member sat in her car and called our investigator from Kenya and held a lesson over the phone with him.  Let's just simple say that this investigator has been super busy and his job permits him from making it to church.  Simply put...it's complicated.  But he is more ready than anyone I've seen.  He pretty much could be considered a member of like 5 years if you didn't know better.  The only problem, is that his job makes it so he can't come to church on Sunday,which therefore means he isn't ready niether can he be baptized.  Well long story short, we had a really powerful lesson and at the end with a lot of thought and strategy figured out a way that he can be baptized in the summer on JUNE 11th!!!  Ahh!!! I don't know that I can say that I have favorite investigators, but this one is just really special and it has been so fulfilling to teach him and even learn from him.  I'm super excited for him.

This week we had zone training meeting.  Guess what that means?!  Yep.  I had to speak in front of people.  BUT... that's alright. That's what the Gospel and life is all about right.  Progression.  Improvement.  Overcoming fears and weaknesses.  It was awesome.  And honestly, it went pretty great.  It was neat because President Watson was able to come to this one with his wife.  It's always such a privelage and a blessing when we have the chance to hear him and his wife speak.  All I can say is wow.  Talk about feeling the spirit in a large dose and being uplifted and inspired.  I definitely am blessed.  We as a mission are blessed.

Right before Zone Training meeting, we had a short lesson planned with one of our cute old man investigators.  Sister Watson came with us. It was perfect.  It's the first time I've had the mission President's wife on a lesson with us and it was so much fun.  She was able to bear her simple testimony of our Savior in Finnish and it changed completely our whole lesson.  She brought the spirit so strongly in a way that neither Sister Powell or I ever could have.  It was a reminder and a lesson to me of how little it matters that I speak Finnish well or how much I know.  What matters is my worthiness and my humility to want to touch and change the hearts of others-- to want to bring them back to their Heavenly Father and their Savior Jesus Christ.  I sure love Sister Watson.  She is kind and charitable and humble, and I have so much yet to learn from her.

This week something that I have really learned and seen actually work, is prayer. Sincere and engaged prayer. Last Sunday, a lady talked in church. She did a really neat schenario with one of the Bishopric in our ward about a teenager praying to Heavenly Father. It was supposed to be somewhat of a replica of what most of our prayers usually are. We just send up pleas to Heavenly Father and thanks just without much thought always, but do we really listen? Do we really talk and engage in conversation with our Heavenly Father? It really made me stop and think about the way that I pray. Maybe the reason why some of my prayers aren't answered always, is not because Heavenly Father isn't telling me, but maybe more that I am not listening. I'm just telling him everything I want and asking him everything, with no thought to just sit and listen to Him speaking back to me. It has completely changed my prayers this week. Especially my prayers at night. I feel more in tune with my Heavenly Father than I think I ever have. It has been amazing. And the things that I have prayed for have been answered and Heavenly Father has been able to direct me and help me. It's amazing.

Well hopefully that's a better update.  I know that the work that we're doing right now is more important than anything else.  We are bringing the sheep back into the fold, and I know that God and Jesus Christ are right here with us.  I love you all!  Thank you much!  Have a wonderful week!

Sisar Jordan
Our excursions with Sister Watson

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