Tuesday, April 5, 2016

April 5, 2016 Companions are a gift from God

Wow what a great week!  Wasn't conference so great?!  I love the Prophet and his apostles. I learned a lot about charity and selflessness.  Also this week I got to fly in a plane.  WHAT?!  Can you believe that?  We had MLC (Mission Leadership Conference) at the mission home in Helsinki, so Sister Powell and I got to fly all the way there.  It was so awesome.  One of the most uplifting and powerful times on my mission-- being with all the leaders of the mission with our mission president and his wife.  It was SO cool.  

So I want to talk a little about my companion this week.  One thing that I just love about Sister Powell and serving with her, is her ability to notice God's hand in everything. Everytime I start to think that maybe it was because I did something well or start to overlook that maybe God had a different idea of how our day should have gone, Sister Powell is always so great at recognizing God's hand and seeing that He is in our lives, in our work each day. 

One really awesome example of this was this last Friday. We had planned to have 3 member present lessons as our goal, but one of our three lessons had already cancelled. We had gotten our one lesson earlier on in the morning where we actually had ended up doing splits with the members, while I went with one member and taught a less active and Sister Powell stayed at the church with the other member to teach one of our new investigators. Both lessons went phenomenally and then we had weekly planning. During the middle of weekly planning, some of the sisters called about an investigator that has a baptismal date that just moved and was transferred over to them to start teaching, because she now lives in their area. Unfortunately, the call lasted a bit long and we really thought that we wouldn't have time to finish weekly planning on time or we'd have to cut some of it short. But miraculously, we managed to finish on time and actually having planned much more than we thought. So then after weekly planning and dinner, we headed to an area to contact some referrals and a few potentials, hoping that we could at least teach an other lesson. But as we got to the area and started to go in this one building, we glanced across the yard and to our surprise, the member that we had asked to come with us to the lesson that was originally planned at that time in that area, was riding up on her bike. Sister Powell and I just looked at each other like, "oh no... we forgot to tell her it got cancelled and she biked all the way here." Well long story short, we saw the opportunity that God had given us and decided to take advantage of the situation with this member to try and get our three member present lessons. So we went to a potential and miraculously enough, he was home, AND he was willing to let us in. What do you know? Two member present lessons and then we went on that night to teach another investigator with more members. IT WAS SO AWESOME. 3 MEMBER PRESENT LESSONS! It was such a huge lesson to me of the power of goals, the power of accountability, and the power of hard work and diligence and faith. Faith that God really can make anything happen, if we are just willing to do our part. It was such a great day. I'm so very grateful for days like that. I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father has blessed me with a companion that is so good at noticing the tender mercies and blessings that He gives us and gives to me each day. Sister Powell is wonderful. 

Well that's my miracle story for the week.  It's warming up here.  Spring is coming! YAY!!!  Love you all lots! Thanks for the support and love!  Have a great week! 

Sisar Jordan
I LOVE AIRPLANES!!!!!!!! Sister Forrest... these clouds are just for you... just a little different angle! :) 

Watching Conference.  I think it's been a long day for everyone...  

Guess what we went on... AN AIRPLANE!!!! 


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