Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 28, 2016 Another Week Down on My Sprint To The End

Wow what a week.  Another great and amazing wonderful week! Gosh I just love it so much!  I just love Finland.  I love my mission, and I love the Gospel.  There is no where else I would rather be, no other people I would rather be with (sorry family)!  I just can't even quite explain it with words, other than just that it is the best!
Tuesday we taught one of my mos favorite investigators of my entire mission.  We've been teaching him since I got here.  Definitely it's a slow process and he has changed a lot A LOT of things in his life, and still has a lot ahead of him, but he's a champ.  One of my most favorite things about teacing him, is seeing that true humility and childlike-ness that the gospel brings about in us.  So you have to know, He has the biggest muscles I have ever seen and tattoos all over.  I was scared to death the first time I met him with Sister Powell.  BUT... we've been teaching a lot about prayer and how important it is that we pray sincerely and with real intent if we really want to receive answers to our prayers.  Well on tuesday, we went to his house to teach him and we followed up on how his prayers have gone.  It was so cool to see just how excited he was to tell us about how his prayers had been answered.  I've never seen him just so excited to tell us something before.  He could hardly wait to have us say the opening prayer before he burst out telling us about his prayers and the answers that he had received.  You can guess just how grateful I was for Heavenly Father in that moment and just sent up my own prayer thanking him for answering my pleas to answer this investigator's prayers.  It was such a moment of gratitude and thanksgiving to my Heavenly Father.  I know that He is always listening and wants to answer our prayers.  I also know that He answers them in His own way and time, because this is definitely something that I have been praying for for quite some time now.  And it happened.  At just the right moment.  And it was amazing and special and beautiful and sacred.
Wednesday we had a pretty long evening.  Sister Jacobsen and I headed to the train station about 9pm to pick up the Sisters from Vaasa that were coming for splits.  We got there and waited until about 9:45 when we decided we better call and see where their train was.  Well come to find out, the train wouldn't be there for another hour because of a delay of some sorts.  So we decided to walk home and grab our jackets and a snack so we didn't freeze or starve waiting for them at the train station.  Then we sat and waited... and waited.... and waited.... and then we got another phone call saying that it would be even longer.  So long story short, the Sisters didn't end up getting in until about 12:50pm.  It was definitely a long wait.  Thank goodness it's always light here, so we didn't sit one bit in the dark.  So then after walking home and getting ready for bed and finally going to sleep about 1:30pm, we woke up the next morning for splits.  We were all pretty tired to say the least, but we had a pretty busy day scheduled and it kept us awake and busy.  Then Friday morning, the sisters' bus left at about 5:45, so we all woke up about 5am and got ready and walked to the train station to help them catch their bus.  Well I've never sent sisters out on a bus before from here, or taken one, so I wasn't quite sure where it left from.  So I went to where I thought they all left, and we waited.  And there were two other buses that came, but neither one of them were the right one, so finally about 10 minutes past when the bus should've come, I decided to ask one of the other bus drivers about where the bus would be leaving from.  Come to find out, it left from the other side of the train station.  So.... the sisters got to stay with us for a few more hours and leave on the next bus at 11:40.  Let's just say, we were all PRETTY tired.  But I learned now where the buses leave from and we won't be making that mistake again.
Saturday was awesome!!!! We set a baptismal date with another investigator-- the one we met two weeks ago at the door, who said he was athiest and didn't want to listen at all! Miracles happen.  They really do.  Every. Single. day.  And... he came to church again on sunday!  And.... he's the one asking us for more "homework" he calls it from the Book of Mormon.  Never did I think that my investigators would be the ones asking me to give them more commitments.  He's nuts.  But he's so great! He's amazing, and I am humbled everytime that I teach him.  It's such an amazing feeling to know that the work that you're doing is paying off.  All those doors that you knock on, and all the times you try and try to be as persistent as you cacn and people still don't listen or accept, it really does pay off... and you find people like him, who are ready for the Gospel.  And it's so cool.  It's the best.  It really is.

Well those are all the exciting things for the week.  This week we fly to Helsinki for MLC.  That means we'll get to go to the temple and see President and Sister Watson, and eat all of her amaing and yummy food.  MLC is so great! Can't believe how fast the weeks are winding down.  WAY.  WAY. WAY too fast.  It sure hurts my heart.  God is so amazing.  God is so good.  I know that my Savior Jesus Christ lives and loves each one of us.  "I Stand all amazed at the love" He offers me every single day.  The peace that He brings to my heart when I am stressed or nervous or afraid.  I know that this is His true Restored Gospel and Church on the earth today.  Believe it! Live it! Love it! It's just the best!   Please keep praying for me that I can finish strong and we can continue to experience miracles here! I love you all so much! Have a super week!

Sisar Jordan
The Beach!

SPLITS!!!!  Me and Sister Roberts.  The two red-heads!

Us.... Just waiting at the train station at 11pm at night. 

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