Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July 12, 2016 Make Every Little Bit Count

One more week.  One more precious, amazing, sacred, humbling, faith building, amazing week here in Finland.  That's it.  And. I can't believe it.  I can't even fathom really the idea yet of going home.  So. I'll just tell you a bit about what's been going on here.  So the really amazing investigator that Sister Jacobsen and I found, who has a baptismal date... so we taught him about the Word of Wisdom this week.  To be honest I was a bit worried that it wouldn't go so well.  It definitely always smelled like smoke in his home and it was clear that he drank alcohol as well as coffee a lot by the way his house was decorated in packages of coffee and beer bottles.  There are no judgements, it's just a different life style than I have.  But I definitely knew it would be a problem when it came to living the Word of Wisdom, so long story short, I was worried a bit.  But... we taught it.  And he's ready to live it.  This guy drinks 4 cups of coffee, smokes at least 10 times a day, and drinks whenever he feels lonely.  So.. there's a lot to work on and right now we're in the works of a really awesome plan for him.  But yesterday he told us that he's thought a lot about his baptism in 7 weeks and about the whole word of wisdom thing, and he knows it's a good thing and he really wants to be baptized, so he's going to do it.  Ahhh.. this is the best.  This is THEE very best-- seeing lives changes because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Nothing beats it.  Nothing in the world, not even winning a state basketball championship... and let me tell you-- that's exiliharating (not sure if that's how it's spelled anymore sorri).  This man is amazing.

This week was my very last zone meeting.  I had to bear my testimony since I'm aparently a "departing missionary".... so I was already pretty emotional when we sat down to sing the closing him, which was "I'll go where you want me to go."  Sitting in the chapel with all those amazing and powerful ministers of Jesus Christ, I was taken back to the night I decided to really serve my mission.  I was reminded of the choice that I was faced with at that point in time and how badly my heart hurt with either decision that I made.  But I remembered that that night the words to that same song rang through in my mind and that's when I decided that I would serve my mission-- that I would go where God needed me to go.  And I did.  And it has been the best decision I have ever made in my entire life.  Thee. very. best.  Doing the will of God isn't and hasn't always been easy.  I'll be the first to admit that my mission and i'm sure no one else's is ever what I would consider "easy".  But is it worth it.  YES. YES. and Yes.  It is worth every single hardship and trial, success and failure, happiness and despair you will ever and I have ever faced.  It is worth it all, but didn't Christ promise us all that-- "that it wouldn't be easy, but that it would be worth it?"  And it is.  And He and our Heavenly Father are here with us every. single. step. of the way.  Every one, whether we choose to notice that or not.  I know it.  I have felt their love and guidance influence more times than I could ever count.  I love them.  I know that they are real-- God is our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is His son.  They love you.  They love us all.  This is their gospel their plan for each of us to return and live with them.  OOOooohhh.. It's glorious.  It's beautiful.  It's miraculous.  It is... pure love.  I want you all to know how much I love you!  I am so appreciative of all that you've done and all you've helped me to accomplish through your uplifting emails and letters as well as all the prayers on my behalf.  Thank you all so much! I'll be seeing you all too soon! Have a great week!

Sisar Jordan

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